"TIP TOKENS": Test Result of !PGM Command (ENG/FR)


🎯 This series of posts will serve as tests, in order to evaluate the "Tip" command (!TIPS) which make it possible to reward comments via a call from reward bots articulated to 2nd layer tokens.

This post is addressed to all those who are interested in !TIP commands and want to share with us a few words in French

Ce message s'adresse à toute personne intéressée par les commandes !TIP et souhaitant partager avec nous quelques mots en français

TEST: Command !PGM
Anyone with a Hive username can receive !PGM. Anyone with at least 10 PGM in their wallet can freely share PGM tokens simply by replying to a post or comment with one of the PGM commands included in the reply: !PGM
Buy and stack 10 $PGM and gain access to the !PGM command to reward others with free $PGM

The PGM command can only be called if you have at least 10 PGMs staked!
When a token has a TIP function , it means that when you go to reply to a comment or post here on HIVE , once you type the command !PGM it will start a tip to a user or users. These rewards very often start from accounts that distribute these rewards so you won't lose anything! In the case of PGM the tokens are distributed by the bot @pgm-curator ..(By @zottone444)

🌐 Issuer: @zottone444
🌐 Website: https://pgmshare.com
🌐 !PGM: GUIDE (@zottone444)
🌐 All about PGM

Self Rewards: Can we send the order to ourselves?
YES, it is possible to self-reward (auto-récompense possible)

Mutual Rewards: Command rewards the sender and/or the receiver ?
!PGM command allow a Double Reward so sender and receiver receives the reward if the sender sake 500 PGM and more (l'émetteur et le receveur peuvent recevoir des récompenses à partir de 500 PGM saké par l'émetteur)

Upvote function: Is the reward accompanied by an upvote?
No there is no automatic voting function (pas de vote automatique)

Reward Diversity: Only offers 1 or more types of rewards?
!PGM command offers multiple tokens rewards (Récompense multiples en plusieurs jetons (BUDS 0.1 @hashkings / LVL 0.1 @psyber-x / STARBITS 1 @risingstargame / PGM 0.1 @pgm-curator / THG 0.5 @thgaming / DEC 0.05 @splinterlands / SBT 1 @sbtofficial / SQM 0.0005 @cryptocompany) and if you reach 2500 PGMs in stakes the sender earn 0.000001 (swap.btc) and 0.000002 (swap.btc) for 5000 PGMs in stakes

Reward Value: What is the value in Hive or USD$ of the reward?
0.1 PGM per reward + multiple others tokens (Compare Tips Tokens - By @crrdlx ) (0.1 PGM par récompense)

💠 Multiple rewards possible for the same author, by the same or by different curators, for the same or for different comments
YES - OUI (multiples récompenses possibles pour le même auteur, par par différents curateurs, pour le même ou pour différents posts ou commentaires)
YES - OUI: YES self-reward only for post not for comments (récompenses possibles, par soi même, pour seulement le post, mais pas pour les commentaires)

Amount of tokens required to use the !PGM command ?
!PGM per 24 hours UTC is shown below. You can tip from 1 to 15 times a day with PGM Tips as well!
(l'auteur primé reçoit à partir de 0.1 $PGM et d'autres jetons)
💥Amount of PGM Token⏲️ Calls per day - Reward
💥Quantité nécessaire⏲️ Offres/jour
1 call (PGM + Other tokens)
3 call (PGM + Other tokens)
5 call (PGM + Other tokens) + autorewards
10 call (PGM + Other tokens) + autorewards
10 call (PGM + Other tokens) + autorewards + 0.000001 swap.btc to the sender
15 call (PGM + Other tokens) + autorewards + to the sender + Double all rewards

Reward Speed: Approximate time between order and rewards message (Slow, Medium, Fast)
Fast : (according to our tests) (Réponse rapide)
NO Alert: message (according to our tests) (Pas de signalement d'erreur ou de limite de commande)

Association with other Commands: Limits the number of reward commands that can be used simultaneously
ASSOCIATION NOT LIMITED: !PGM command is not limited by other "Tip Tokens" (aucune limite d'association à d'autres !TIP commandes

💠 Clarity Message: Presence of a clear comment accompanying the reward.
💠 Info Message: Presence of a direct link to understand the !Commande.
💠 Counter function: Presence of a counter allowing to follow the number of rewards, authorized or remaining for this !Commande.
💠 Clarity Message: Yes (but it is not easy to directly understand the !PGM Command, is very simple but unclear feature, only capital letters trigger the command
  • !PGM (valid command)
  • !Pgm or !pgm (invalid command)
    | 💠 Info Message: Yes (but no for limited or error)
    | 💠 Counter function: Yes (oui)

Spam level: Aesthetics of the display (surface, photo, image, text, advertising,...) Low - Medium - High ?
Spam (Medium - Moyen)

Synthetic rewards function: Avoid spam by aggregating rewarded participants' announcements.
NO (agrégation synthétique des récompenses)

Info Alert: Presence of a clear comment accompanying an error or a limit.
NO message for balance limit (Pas de message, si insuffisance de PGM)
NO message if the number of command authorized per day is exceeded (Pas de message si le nombre de commandes autorisées par jour est dépassé)

How to get PGM tokens?
There is a wide variety of strategies to earn or grow your $PGM,

  • By being rewarded via comments (!PGM command)
  • Participate in challenges or contests
  • Buy or Trade (buy / sell)
  • Post within the #PGM community and get upvotes
  • Delegate to @pgm-curator (More info

Comment obtenir des jetons PGM?

  • En étant récompensé via des commentaires (commande !PGM)
  • Participer à des défis ou concours
  • Trader: Acheter ou Vendre (achat/vente)
  • Publiez au sein de la communauté #PGM et obtenez des votes positifs
  • Via plusieurs PGM Pool
  • Via délégation à @pgm-curator (Plus de détails


Minimal token required10
Token valueBEER Value by @crrdlx
Need to be stakedYES
Mutual RewardYES
Automatic Upvote functionNO
Self call (Self Vote)YES (Only for Post)
Multi Self VoteYES
Multi Call Same AuthorYES
Limite by other TipsNO Limite
Level of rewardsYES
Same rewards per call and for all levelsNO - from 0.1 to 0.2 $PGM + other tokens
Same rewards for each call of the same levelYES
Message for a limited tip tokens amountNO
Spam LevelMedium
Rewards TypesPGM + multiple others tokens
After the 7 days upvote time period has expiredNO
RichlistHive-Engine Rocks
Authors and contacts@zottone444 / @pgm-curator
PGM Community (Website) #pgm https://pgmshare.com
POOLCheck PGM Pool ?
TEST !PGM CommandTest & Result

!Reward Command (!TIP) that have or will be tested in my posts

🎁 !LADY (!lady) - @hive-124452 / @silversaver888 / @ladiesofhive: GUIDE
Test Comand !LADY -//- Results -//- Synthesis
"TIP TOKENS": Synthesis of the LOH !LADY command

🎁 !PIMP: https://pimp.media/created/ , https://peakd.com/c/hive-111011/ @pimpotoken GUIDE
Test Comande !PIMP -//- Résultats
"TIP TOKENS": Test Result of !PIMP Command*

🎁 !CTP: https://ctptalk.com/ (@jongolson) - GUIDE
"TIP TOKENS": Test Result of !CTP Command

🎁 !LUV: (!luv or !Luv or !love): GUIDE @crrdlx - @luvshares
"TIP TOKENS": Test Result of !LUV Command

🎁 > * !PIZZA: https://www.hive.pizza - @pizzaexpress
Test Comande !PIZZA - Test
"TIP TOKENS": Test Result of !PIZZA Command

🎁 > * !BEER: http://beersaturday.com - @detlev
Test Comande !BERR - Test
"TIP TOKENS": Test Result of !BEER Command
Question for the !BEER command (BEER Tip Token BOT)?

🎁 > * !PGM: GUIDE (@zottone444)Details
RichlistHive-Engine Rocks
Authors and contacts@zottone444 / @pgm-curator
PGM Community (Website) #pgm https://pgmshare.com
POOLCheck PGM Pool ?
TEST !PGM CommandTest & Result

🎁 > * !ALIVE: https://wearealiveand.social - GUIDE / issuer - @aliveandsocial
To be Tested

🎁 > * !LOLZ: (!LOL, !MDR (in French), !jajaja (in Spanish)) https://lolztoken.com / issuer - @lolztoken / @captaincryptic - GUIDE
To be Tested

🎁 > * !WINEX: GUIDE - @winex (WINE => forked version command => !WINEX) - issuer - @winex
To be Tested

🎁 > * !ENGAGE - issuer - @abh12345
To be Tested

🎁 > * !BBH - issuer - @bradleyarrow
To be Tested

🎁 > * !WEED - Issuer @coffeebuds / @weed.dispenser / @loonatic
To be Tested
🎁 > * !HBITS (!hivebits / !HBIT / !hbit / $HBIT / !WUSANG) - @hivebits: GUIDE - issuer - @crrdlx / @wusang
To be Tested

🎁 > * !MEME: https://www.hiveme.me @memehive
🎁 > *!GIF: Can be refined if a keyword is added after the tips
The results of these tests will be summarized in synthetic posts in order to optimize the rewards of French speakers and possible investments.

And the latest arrival of gift tokens
🎁 HIQS: command - !hiqvote - issuer - @hiq.shares : (for HiQS (or) HIQS Token) - GUIDE - @hiq.shares

To call the 8 trails (curation tribes: @hiq.bee, @hiq.photo, @hiq.fun, @hiq.oneup, @hiq.pimp, @hiq.weed, @hiq.spt, @hiq.sport)






Impressive work King @linlove, ihavethedream(1/20) is in awe of the time and energy you put into creating this post. Your contributions to this community are invaluable.

And with this post you made @ihavethedream's day and this present of 0.075 FT is for you! We hope you keep creating amazing content and never give up!

BTW! FT is the token of our game RAIDS, it will serve to make your NFTs stronger warriors and earn more rewards


!hiqvote !PIMP !ALIVE !LOLZ !MEME !GIF Game


You have received 1.0000 LOH for posting in Ladies of Hive. We believe that you should be rewarded for the time and effort spent in creating articles. The goal is to encourage token holders to accumulate and hodl LOH tokens over a long period of time.


!gif flowers !LADY