LasseCash FAQ

Do I need an account to use LasseCash?

Yes, you need a Hive account, there are several ways to create a Hive account.

Why is my post not showing up at Google?

The old condensor site worked very well at indexing posts on Google, unfortunately that is still being worked on, on the new OUTPOST site , we believe it will work again at one point in the future.

Is there an App/dApp for LasseCash/Hive Engine/Hive?

Yes, there is a trusted App for phones for that, but it only works for transfering LASSECASH and other HE tokens, full secure funcionality is on and other trusted sites like . gives the best experience. Note that transaction time on the App/dApp is around 14 seconds, whereas it is 3/6 seconds on and related sites, depending on the function used.

What is the easiest way to buy LASSECASH?

The DEX provide the ability to deposit older cryptocurrencies like forinstance Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin (among others), after depositing then you can swap those for SWAP.HIVE which you can buy LASSECASH for. That is the easiest route to buy LASSECASH. It also works the other way of-course, so you can also sell LASSECASH for older cryptocurrencies on the same site. LASSECASH are exchanged on many Hive-engine based DEXs and in the SWAP.HIVE:LASSECASH diesel pool.

Why is LasseCash not prober listed on coinranking sites and why is there only a 3 months graph of the LasseCash price available?

The three biggest coinranking sites:, and have all been contacted by us and they are not willing to put in the work necessary to list Hive Engine tokens like LasseCash probably. Fortunately Hiveland is a solution that is being worked on, which will both list all Hive Engine tokens probably and provide more advanced price graphs:

What is LasseCash?

LasseCash is an OUTPOST built by Hive Engine. We reward "Anarchy, Crypto and Truth" content.

Who is behind LasseCash?

Lasse Ehlers ( @lasseehlers ) contributed with the name, idea and face for LasseCash. LasseCash is developed by Hive Engine and Carlos Serrano ( @zaxan ) made all graphics. The community of LasseCash consist of all the soldiers of LasseCash, who owns the OUTPOST in the form of LASSECASH and LASSECASH POWER.

Are my Hive keys safe on the site?

We recommend using the browser add-on "Hive keychain" for your Hive keys, when logging in on all Hive Engine related sites, including "Hive keychain" is open source and trusted by a large group of people.

Can I accept LASSECASH in my shop or business?

Yes, all you have to do is make a Hive account (cost around $1 currently) and there is no fees after that ever on transactions.

I have another question, where do I ask it?

You can ask any question in LasseCash Discord server, the link is here: