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Welcome to LasseCash

We are rewarding anarchy, crypto and truth content.

Token launch date: Jun 28, 2019.

16/9-2022: Lasse Ehlers spoke at HiveFest7:

LasseCash is a cryptocurrency with zero fees and 3 second transactions, social media with rewards which is censorship resistant and a NFT platform. All of this is an economy that rewards Anarchy, Crypto and Truth. In blockchain we trust.

LasseCash is a so-called OUTPOST (first in history) build by Hive Engine, based on Lasse Ehlers' ideas ( @lasseehlers ). Carlos Serrano ( @zaxan ) is the main graphics designer.

The Hive blockchain is the foundation layer-one blockchain for Hive Engine and therefore the foundation for the OUTPOST LasseCash.

Proof of Brain Rewards

The basic reward system is "proof of brain" blogging, whereas you can earn LASSECASH and LASSECASH POWER for creating blog posts on LasseCash. We have tweaked the parametres of the Scot.Bot. to be better than Hive and better than competing tribes and OUTPOSTs. All text is stored on the Hive blockchain and is therefore censorship resistant.

The powerdown time is 26 payments every 7 day over 6 months, this is made to incentivize longterm mentality. Furthermore the payout ratio on blog posts is 90% LASSECASH POWER and 10% LASSECASH, this is another huge difference from Hive, other tribes and other OUTPOSTs.

When you post from you can use 20 tags as an opposit to most if not all other condensor sites that has only 8-10 tags avaliable. has no banners/ads, most if not all competitors has banners/ads.

Diesel Pool Rewards

If you provide liquidity to the SWAP.HIVE:LASSECASH pool, you will earn Diesel pool rewards. We aim at providing high rewards on our pool, in a stable and responsible way.

The SWAP.HIVE:LASSECASH pool currently pays over 30% APY, whereas the LASSECASH:PUPPY pool pays over 110% APY. You can watch the APYs in realtime here:

Diesel pool rewards are paid out every day, depending on how much liquidity you provide to the SWAP.HIVE:LASSECASH pool. The share percentage you have of the total liquidity will decide the share of the daily liquidity rewards.

There is a bonus applied for long term liquidity providers. You get 1% extra per day you hold the liquidity in the contract, up till 30 days. If you hold longer then 30 days, you will get 30% extra rewards each day. In other words, when you provide liquidity long term, you get more rewards.

All liquidity can be added and removed instantly with no fee.

NFT Platform

LasseCash also enables you to mint your own NFTs. We prefer NFTs that contain or relate to anarchy, crypto and/or truth content, but other themes are also welcomed. You have to apply to be whitelisted and we usually respond fast. There are terms in place, if you violate those terms you can be blacklisted with no refund. We aim at providing the best NFT platform in the whole cryptocurrency market.

A NFT on LasseCash can be an image file, an audio file or a video file. This is quite unique, most other NFT platforms dont provide all three options at the same time.

The first edition costs 1000 LASSECASH and each additional edition costs 100 LASSECASH. There is a 1% fee for trading NFTs on LasseCash. NFTs minted on LasseCash can also be sold on Openhive.

Dynamic Inflation

Inflation in LasseCash is decided by Lasse Ehlers, as the leader of the OUTPOST. He aim at only changing the inflation ones a year, but if nessesary it can be done at all times. Changes will always be announced in a post on the blockchain, so there is always full transparency, as there has been since the beginning of this product.


Max 51 million tokens ever.

20 million LASSECASH for the first 10 years (taken from @lassecash), 20 million LASSECASH forever thereafter (Issued from the tokens unissued) and 11 million was issued to Lasse Ehlers day 1 (for promotion and profits) (Lasse Ehlers has currently ~7 million after extensive activities). Since the inflation is lower than 2 million per year until now, we are considering a BIGPAYDAY maybe at the 10 years mark for the top 100 or top 1000 LASSECASH POWER holders, for the remaining inflation up till 20 million, this is just an idea, which is subject to change. Even we have the lowest inflation of all tribes and OUTPOSTs and a low hardcap at 51 million, there is plenty of room to be creative in the future.

Lasse Ehlers as leader of LasseCash

Even though LasseCash has been build by Hive Engine and Lasse Ehlers only is a symbolic figure, then Lasse Ehlers is naturally the leader of the LasseCash OUTPOST and will be the one to resolve any potential dispute or drama, since he will always have the biggest stake.

Lasse Ehlers currently holds 7 millions (of the 11 million he was given day 1) after extensive activities for the first 3 years.

Circulating supplying of 8. july 2022:

4.5 million in diesel pool contract
10.4 million in @lassecash (only for inflation/rewards)

11 millions + (20 million – 10.4 million – 4.5 million) = 16.1 million (Circulating supply)

Lasse Ehlers owns 7/16.1 million = 43.8% of circulating supply (Pretty healthy!!)

What happens if Lasse Ehlers dies prematurely?

The system-state could be airdropped on to a new OUTPOST, with a new leader and a new name, but the same token distribution and system-state. Its up to the community to find a new leader fit for running a new OUTPOST with a new name and airdropped system-state over to that new OUTPOST.


All LasseCash services runs on very little resources and very little power consumption, the energy consumption for extreme numbers of capacity is similar to one modern households yearly consumption. In comparison is Bitcoin's energy consumption roughly equivalent to the annual energy draw of small countries like Malaysia or Sweden. In other words LasseCash is prepared for a green future since day 1.

Legal disclaimer

Expect no profit of the work of others. Invest and use at your own risk.