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Lasse Ehlers identify as an anarchocapitalist and flat earther, he learned about the philosophy of anarchocapitalism from Stefan Molyneux' videos in 2010, but it was first in April 2013, when he saw Bitcoin, that he believed anarchocapitalism was possible in practicallity. Eventhough Stefan Molyneux is ignorant to the truth about that the earth is flat, Lasse Ehlers acknowledge him as one of the biggest philosophers of our time, if not the biggest, especially for his work with spreading awareness of the philosophy of anarchocapitalism.

Lasse Ehlers believes that we need to use our real identity in order to create a free society, this idea originates from Stefan Molyneux and he might be the one who came up with the idea and/or formulated it the first time. Lasse Ehlers therefore advocating using your real name on the internet, if everyone did it and used cryptocurrencies all the time, then Illuminati's statism systems (based on satanism) would very fast come to an end. Lasse Ehlers believe anarchocapitalism will happen, that it is inevitably after the creation of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

Lasse Ehlers acknowledge Murray Rothbard as the philosopher who first formulated the philosophy of anarchocapitalism. Lasse Ehlers also gives credit to Jeff Berwick for spreading the word about anarchocapitalism over the internet for many years.

Lasse Ehlers believed since he saw Bitcoin and read the white paper in April 2013, that blockchain technology has the potential (that it is almost imminent and sure that it will happen) to end the Illuminati system/satanism/banking system/statism which he knew since 2004 destroy a lot of peoples lifes. LasseCash and related products is Lasse Ehlers' implementations, to end these horrors on the flat earth.

Lasse Ehlers learned first about the ideas about that the earth could be flat in 2016, by 2017 he was convinced. Back then there was many relevant videos on the internet on the topic, but most of those videos has been censored. The two main flatearthers that made Lasse Ehlers know the truth, was ODD and Jake Gibson, but there was many others that helped to this awakening back then. Here are three flat earth proofs formulated by Lasse Ehlers:

Best flat earth documentary till date:



Lasse Ehlers (primarily) endorse XEN, XeNFTs, X1, DBXEN, XLON, FENIX and related products.

Relevant websites: (FENIX, which is build on top of XEN, strong recommendation)

Lasse Ehlers (secondarily) endorse HEX, PULSE, PULSEX and related products.

Related tokens

Lasse Ehlers came up with the ideas for 21 other LasseCash related tokens.

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Most significant events within Lasse Ehlers' cryptocurrency journey in posts or notes:


16/9-2022: Lasse Ehlers spoke at HiveFest7:

15/8-2022: Lost my fortune to a scammer that I thought was Alex the developer/founder of HEDRON and ICOSA. Never give your keys away to anybody and not to any site! Yes, I know how stupid of an action this was, I dont really have any defence for this, can only say that I was half asleep and had fomo on entering the WAATSA, in that process I was so stupid to give my keys to a scam site and lost my fortune.


















2/12.2019: I made many posts about HEX around the launch date, unfortunately I got pressured by Steem Whales, to edit those posts with "deleted" around ½ year later and it seems to me that the tool for showing history of a post on Steem is gone now, so only a programmer can dig out this information from any of the 2 chains, in other words there is proof that I recommended and promoted HEX since launch (HEX which did 10000X in 2 years after launch), but that proof is pretty hard to dig out. So you have to take my word for it, I recommended HEX since day 1 and it went up 10000X in 2 years, I still believe it could do another 10000X and beyond, but today I promote and recommend Richard Heart and Lasse Ehlers related products in general.



3/8-2016 to 26/4-2019: Mostly lost, using posts as therapy, please dont take those posts in this period serious today. I was also constantly following and testing new experiments, all of them was failures, so looking back it was a very hard and bad period, that I somehow managed to overcome mentally dispite constant failure. It fixed my problems somehow anyway and lead eventually to the creation of the token LASSECASH on 26/4-2019, marking a definitive change in my life. I believe without this bad period, I would not have known about Hive Engine that basically created the technology that made LasseCash possible and who knows if I had known about HEX if it was not for bad stories beforehand.

3/8-2016: My first post on

Summer 2015 to summer 2016: Was very broke after I lost all my money previously and had a dire situation where I didnt have any money to experiment with and not much time to focus on cryptocurrency. Looking back then I dont think much interesting happened in the cryptocurrency market in that period, at-least not something that lasted, which is really connected to what I use today.

April 2013 to summer 2015: Experimented with a lot of blockchains and related services, mined coins on Butterfly lap miner and homebuild GPU rack. Programmed a Bitcoin exchange, spend one year to get a permission to setup Bitcoin Exchange, failed eventually, because my bank didnt wanted to make accounts for my company (for the first time ever), so had to give up on making a Bitcoin exchange. Today I am happy it didnt succeeed, because LasseCash is a 10000 times better product, than a centralized Bitcoin exchange.

April 2013: Discovered Bitcoin and bought 20 of them the same month for $50 each.


Apart from coming up with the ideas for LasseCash and 6 other related tokens, Lasse Ehlers invented 5 new terms:

Fiat monster / fiat trash / fiat slave


Fiat monster is a term to mark somebody as heavily involved in the fiat money system or that he or she got his or her fortune from fiat money, but moved them later into cryptocurrency, precious metals or similar real money.

The term is used to devalue a persons moral standards and ethical value.

Proof on the blockchain:
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Real life hero


A man is a real life hero when he opposes the current fiat money system, build by the Illuminati. He will only work (or for the most part, only in emergency will he work for fiat money) for real money, like crypto currencies and precious metals.

He probably is broke a lot of his life, since the fiat money system almost have monopoly on work and money. Since crypto currencies he has better opportunity to make money from free market work (maybe even a fortune) and earn what he rightfully deserve.

Proof on the blockchain:
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Fiat chick


A fiat chick is a woman that focuses on a mans income in fiat money when choosing a partner. I believe that it is mostly woman that choose men in the love market. So woman holds a lot of power, especially in the current satanic system, where courts 99% favors woman in divorces etc. A woman that divorce a man and father to their child, because of she think she can find another man with higher fiat income and get child support etc is also (probably more extreme form of) a fiat chick.

The term is invented to mark woman with this behavior as a person with low moral standards and a low ethical value as a person.

Proof on the blockchain:
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Crypto woman / free market woman


A woman that live by the non aggression principal defined in the philosophy anarcho capitalism, is a crypto woman or free market woman. She refuse to involve herself in fiat money as much as possible and choose only to mate with a man that is a real life hero.

She would never use the corrupt court system to kidnap her mans child and she despite all men and woman that are heavily involved in the fiat money system.

Proof on the blockchain:
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Hero child


A hero child, is one that is raised by both real parents, who are a crypto woman and a real life hero.

The hero child don't go to any government school, knows about illuminati, free masonery, flat earth and related topics. The hero child get to do what ever they want and begin to produce products at an early age.

A hero child is raised by like-minded people, both adults and children and of course of today, is extremely rare.

Proof on the blockchain:
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