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Again you are decieving people at best, its because you dont know the truth that the earth is flat and that the Illuminati brainwashed the masses (including you). LasseCash is the ONLY PLACE on the internet where we reward those truths in true money LASSECASH and LASSECASH POWER.

Volume is not important, what is important is that people hold and use the token, but if you look at 7 days there is volume as you can see above.

We are few people that know the truth, that is why the product is still very small. More and more people are waking up to the truth and wants a place where they are heard and rewarded, LasseCash has perfect product market fit for that, as the only one in the whole market.

Why dont you spend the time on the 99% of shitcoins on coinmarketcap that actually dont offer anything like LasseCash, most of them cannot do anything other than speculation. Take Luna? Pure BS speculation, you where probably invested right? Go after the real scams, LasseCash is one of the best products in the cryptocurrency market ever, pricewise Richard Heart related products are better, which WE INFORM THE WOULD ABOUT for free on LasseCash.

Not to mention that the LasseCash pool pays out consistantly at high yields since day 1 of the diesel pool, while other coins fall apart as we speak.

Go play with an insect!

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