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Hi @ironshield - good questions!

It looks like in searching for a topic you successfully hit on the idea of blogging about searching for a topic! Nice!

First, keep in mind that clicking the link inside Listnerds mails earns us mailing credits whether or not we like what we are sent to, and since the page we are sent to opens in a separate tab, I personally don't feel it's a big deal if I've been sent to something that's not for me.

Is it worth validating (upvoting) a listnerd mail linked to a daily blog?

Those are the ones I am most likely to validate if I like the content. (If the content is solid but not for me I'll either validate it in appreciation of the effort put in, or abstain from voting.)

Also, it gives me an opportunity to post a comment and upvote the blog post on Hive if I have time.

Is it more valuable to you being sent off chain or to another HIVE user's content?

I'd rather be sent to another Hive user's content, but I want to see good value, learn something, or discover an interesting content creator.

(Just now I was sent to a Hive blog post that was nothing more than a cat photo and I felt the Listnerds member was simply trying to get some upvotes and LISTNERDS without offering any value so I downvoted that particular mail.)

The posts that I'm most likely to downvote are "join this program" posts, especially the "zombie mails" that are repeatedly sent on autopilot!

I don't mind people posting their opt-in forms, however, especially when sending solo mails - I do that myself.

Finally, as an Enterprise member, it's nice to post two mails a day but I don't force it. On days when I publish a blog post I'll promote that, and then for my second mail I'll promote something by somebody else, especially someone posting on the justonething community, or something by someone whose project I'm supporting.

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Ha, when I don't know what to blog about, I blog about not knowing what to blog about! !LOLZ

it's nice to post two mails a day but I don't force it.

I think this is good advice. Better posting one quality link, rather than two that are a bit 'forced'.

Thank you for your comment.