Larken on LasseCash

in #lassecashlast month

From today:

Compilation worth watching if you are still waking up to anarchism/anarcho capitalism/voluntarism:



Hello my brother how are you there are you fine and in good health,

I see your post has a lot of downvotes, what's going on?

Some brainwashed dudes dont understand that LasseCash reward "Anarchy, Crypto, Truth" so they downvote, its mostly themarkymark who is behind as fare as I know.

I dont care much about hive rewards anyway, so let them show the world how stupid they are, they have no power on LasseCash side of things, look at this post from here:

I am doing good, what about you?

Amazing you are a great and very kind person, I really like lassecash hope we all are always fine,

I'm here very well

Thank you.