LASSECASH is up 33% today

in #hivelast month

From 0.03 to 0.04 HIVE in one day!! Pretty promising for LASSECASH:

Screenshot from 2020-08-12 20-25-46.png

If it continues like this, then I will be able to travel the world within months. I think that the cryptocurrency market in general will have a good time in 2020 and 2021 and after that, so imagine I travel the world and promote LASSECASH?!



What happened today? -70%? Wow.

I removed buy support and I flooded the market with 1 million LASSECASH. Which it is also told in this post:

Its an attempt to decentralize LASSECASH further, on one side, on the other side you can call it "shaking out weak hands".

Bitcoin felt 90% multiple times since its inception, its normal in crypto.

I want to support the LASSECASH price in the future, but right now I let the market do its job.

(Will you contact me in Discord, I want to ask you something?)

I have to sign up Discord again...I lost my account. I call you.

Its not that important, just wanted to ask you if you could/would translate some text into Brazilian Portuguese if I ever need it in the future (not now, way in to the future, if ever?)... Discord is useful tho, easy to text people there as you know.

Don't bother interacting with this guy, he loves to use women for upvotes, and when they don't upvote fast enough he blocks them and calls them useless.