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Whale manipulation, SELLOFF

Thats right, I am the whale and I admit manipulation... I put up 1 million LASSECASH for sale today, thats right 1 MILLION!!

I pulled my support of the buying side, because I want the price lower for a while, while selling off 1 MILLION LASSECASH at various low prices. Its an attempt to distribute more LASSECASH and lower my stake of currently about 9 million (it was 11 million the first day and its been the plan the whole time to lower it and create adaption over time, on the other hand, some degree of power need to be held in my hands to master the plan).

Let the market determin a new more decentral price

Probably lower, but then its your chance to power up.

So now is your chance to become a LASSECASH WHALE at lower prices then at inception, don't miss this oppotunity. LASSECASH has a lot going for it, truth is something that is scares in the world of today and thats what we reward.



I don't really understand the economic issue ... you know more than I do. But, I have been in the crypto market since 2011, I am not a "newbie" and from what I see and observe, I believe that the best thing for Lassecash at that moment, to not be "another Hive token" is to invest in marketing.

In a second opinion, I believe that for those who are already "in the game", that is, posted every day like me here at Lassecash, it is very attractive that the price is not absurdly high, but stable. This brings security, support and credibility.

Um grande abraço amigo!

Obrigado Amigo, mesmo.

Wow you been in the crypto space since 2011!!? That's impressive, I didn't know. I saw and bought Bitcoin the first time in april 2013.

The price of LASSECASH is expected to be supported 2-6 weeks from now, its interesting to see how low it will go on its own... shaking out weak hands, definitely! Remember LASSECASH is not going anywhere, HE is very stabile and solid company.

Mr. @lasseehlers thank you very much for the gift you gave, I really like this, and I will support the members of the lassecash tribe thank you I hope you are well and always healthy

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