The Silver SQUEEZE is ON! This is Only the Beginning

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The Squeeze is Happening

Nobody knew what to expect, but everyone in the know is expecting something. The market did not disappoint - we are watching the perfect storm happening right now and the signs are already in place that we're getting ready for lift-off.

What is the silver squeeze? Silver enthusiasts and new investors purchasing physical silver to expose the price fixing of the silver market. The eventual result will be a massive correction in the silver market that cannot be artificially depressed.

What the silver squeeze is NOT: It is not a GME style PUMP-n-DUMP. If that's what you're looking for, you're in the wrong place. Yes, it's likely that silver will correct, however it's going to take more time than most are willing to endure. The nice thing is that in the meantime, you will be in possession of the shiney shiney - way easier to admire and hold than your crypto keys.

Why Silver? Why Now?

Physical silver is unique in that it is both an investment bullion metal and an industrial metal. So silver has demand on the collectable bullion world, as well as the jewelry world and in the industrial world. That's three entire sectors of economy that have demand for physical silver.


One of the three is in our hands: the collectable bullion world. But further then that, we have massive demand in the industrial world.

1. SILVER in Autonomous Driving


Silver has unique properties unlike any other metal, especially having to do with electronics. With the rapidly growing electric automobile industry being revamped with "green" new initiatives, the demand for silver in the auto industry is expected to increase every year.

Silver loadings and the outlook for automotive silver demand... Average silver loadings have risen in light vehicles (LV) over the past four to five decades, although the growth in the use of silver has been concentrated over the past two decades or so.. Source

2. SILVER in Advanced Battery Technology

Demand has been increasing for batteries with more power capacity that are smaller/lighter than lithium-ion batteries. The Silver-ION battery offers a 40% increase in run-time and are fully recyclable, unlike the lithium-ion batteries which hasn't changed much since the 1990's.


More and more electronics are using rechargeable batteries and there is an unsatiable demand for longer battery life. The usual trade-off between long battery life is weight and size - a problem that has been solved using SILVER-ION technology.

The new battery provides up to 40 percent more run time than lithium-ion batteries and uses silver and zinc that are fully recyclable whereas the main constituents of lithium-ion batteries cannot be reused. Silver-zinc batteries also feature a water-based chemistry that is free from the thermal runaway and flammability problems that have plagued the lithium-ion alternatives. Source

3. SILVER in Solar Panels

With the new initiatives being put in place by our carbon-neutral overlords, we are seeing a MASSIVE push for solar panels. Why is silver so important in the manufacturing of solar panels?

If you’re wondering why silver is so important in making solar panels, it’s because silver is a metal with incredibly low electrical resistance. Other closely related metals cannot sufficiently match its conductivity for these panels. Silver is so crucial that it can equate up to 6 percent of the total cost of building each unit of the panel. Source

Every ounce of silver used in solar panels are "lost" or in the crypt world "burned" as it becomes cost-prohibitive to recover the metal from the panels. Because of the demand for solar panels, it's unlikely many will be recycled very soon.

image.png Source

We May Be Approaching the Final Days for AFFORDABLE Silver

Even with real-world silver prices increasing, it is still very affordable to purchase and ounce or two of this highly sought-after metal. On eBay, silver bullion goes for $35 - $45. It is expected that as supply decreases further, we will begin to see real-world prices go 2x - 5x the comex "spot" price.

If you're feeling extra brave, try spending some silver at a local store - you may be SHOCKED to discover they'll be willing trade for it. If you were owed some money and the one who owes you handed you some silver coins, believe me. Feeling the weight of the shiny shiny in your hand, you know that person's debt is settled. Especially if you pawn it for 2x or 3x the initial value.

How many oz's do you have in your wallet?

DO NOT invest more than you are willing to lose.. every investment has risk involved. I am NOT a financial advisor, i only share my experience and what i think about the world of Precious Metals & Crypto. Always be careful & responsible.. do your research before investing into ANYTHING.


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sir, i upvote you for your upvote i thank you dear

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Thanks again for the report, @ironshield. I can't wait to go to the Local Coin Shop to see if the impact, of the May 1, 2021, event.


I have been stacking silver for a while, but, I was hopeing for a little more time.

ahh I remember your face from Voice... welcome to LASSECASH, you got a full upvote.

Thank you so much for the upvote. You remember me! :)

Even if time is running out, there's always time for an extra ounce or two. :-)

Yes! Ordered today! :)

This well may be the last days of affordable silver. But they will suppress it for as long a possible. Still, it is God's money. Blessings.

Yes, the suppression game is still on. The only way this corrects is the discovery of unbacked paper silver assets.

I hope that the price will still allow me to stack for a bit!

If you can find a supplier that has reasonable premiums, keep stacking!

I was not aware that silver was soon to become scarce and all of its practical uses. I learned something new today! Very good analysis of the current and future value of silver.

I don't know that I agree with enjoywithtroy about it being G-D's money. I was not aware that G-D needed money. Then again some clerics would have one believe differently.

In any case a very informative article. May my G-D bless you and your God bless you better!

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The funny thing is that silver is much more abundant than many other resources, like say gold. If all the vault doors opened and flooded the market, we'd be shocked to discover 100's of years worth of gold flowing out, but not a whole lot of silver.

God doesn't need money. God measures the value of a man's labor by weight in silver. Since the Word is eternal, so is the set value of silver by HIS estimation. He made silver and it's value, He made man and his labor. He tells us the value between the two (silver value / labor).

"Set the value of a male between the ages of twenty and sixty at fifty shekels of silver." Leviticus 27:3

I hope you are right about silver. I've been slowing stocking up this past year. I'm ready for it to break out. What ever has been holding it down has got to let go of it's grip.
God Bless you! Thankful I found this post.

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Glad to hear you're stacking the AG. It may take more time, but at some point it will become known that the vaults are empty - silver is either consumed in electronics or in the hands of foreign and domestic investors. I believe the idea that there are mythical vaults filled with literal tons of AG is a complete and utter lie.

My friend, no offfence, I know you just love SILVER, but 3%? come on... HEX was up 30% yesterday... Richard Heart himself bashed Silver in a resent stream saying it performed extremely bad and is not for investing only for jewelry.

I really think you are better of investing in HEX and PULSE, then Silver!!

Innovation my friend!


I agree, crypto is a good way to eventually purchase the shiny. I'm investing in HIVE by blogging about SILVER. I haven't bought any crypto with fiat in years. I use my fiat while I can to provide for my family and pay the bills.

What's happening here in the US is concerning. With the printing presses going like mad, stimulus checks being cashed, tax "returns" flowing into people's pockets, the dollar is showing signs of weakness. We may be seeing major inflation in our lifetimes. When the fecal/fan hyper-inflation situation comes, I want to hold something in my hand that can be weighed and traded, something difficult to do with crypto.

This has less to do with SILVER itself, more to do with timing. When I'm begging for food for my family, silver in hand will be more attractive than crypto keys.

  1. skills (gardening, healing, building, selling)
  2. land (natural resources)
  3. hard assets (real estate, property, gold/silver/etc)
  4. consumables (food, medicine, bullets)
  5. soft assets (cryptos, investments)
  6. liquid assets (cash)

I agree we live in a complicated world. But the best hedge for inflation in fiat money printing that I know of, has been HEX, up 350x in 2020 and 440x since inception december 2019. Now something similar could happen to the PULSE chain that will launch very soon, so thats our second chance for mad gains.

Gold performed worse then the dollar, and silver probably something similar. I do get the story about Gold and Silver being hedge against inflation and something that you can hold in your hand, but seriously they have not performed well for many years.

If you invest what you have in Silver in HEX and Pulse changes are that you will get much more wealth, that you could keep as safety and maybe sell some to feed your family. Best strategy I know of.

Thank you Lasse, I hope HEX and Pulse will buy you lots of silver some day.

Haha its funny how we are having our different preferences, I am really just trying to give the information that I have to my tribe members. I dont have a crystal ball, but I do believe that HEX and PULSE will be massive money makers from here.

I appreciate that. You know I think crypto is much more solid than fiat. It's worth earning, especially now.

It's difficult for me to admit to myself that crypto is in a bubble, because the blockchain technology is solid. It's also difficult for people to understand the physical silver is artificially deflated and will eventually experience a massive correction. Selling overvalued assets for undervalued assets is how wealth is transferred during a correction. Whether that's in my lifetime or in the lifetime of my children, I don't know. Might be next week.

Problem is that a lot of crypto currencies are nothing but copy cats / scams... its hard to find real solid cryptos.

I do believe a lot in HEX, it performed very well before this bull market... you have to remember that a lot of things go up in a bull market, the art is to find something that is solid so it will continue to perform well even when the bear market hits. I do believe HEX is that!

That being said, even HEX has gone up A LOT, then it still had extreme dips. So its all relative.... but that Richard Heart dude really is something special! Even he dont know that the earth is flat, he knows a lot of other valuable stuff.