You do not need the whole time , you need focus.

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You might not necessarily need time, you might really need more focus, you might really need to achieve more in less time, to be efficient with your work..

Having more time does not mean that will lead to more productivity , infact a person can have the whole time and still not be able to be productive in whatever they do..

I believe that having the right focus and mindset and taking the right actions can make the person to be able to become productive even if the time is small or big , infact a person needs to be able to become productive enough to be able to achieve great results even in the shortest period of time..

Stop waiting for yourself to have the whole time before you think you can become productive , even with the little time you have you can still achieve wonderful results , so instead of waiting for more time , maybe it is time for you to improve on your "focus " , give more attention to what matters and be more dedicated to whatever you do..Doing this will assist you in making better decisions in your life and those great decisions will bring wonderful changes to your life..