Upgrading My Favourite Splinterlands Reward Cards From Chaos Legion Set

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As things are getting quieter at home with the little ones back at school, I can finally share with you which reward cards I love from the Chaos Legion series. Many new comers will think how useless these reward cards are which we have encounter a few via Telegram but let me tell you, some of these cards are gems! From all the series of cards designed in Splinterlands, most of them have their unique usage/skill for their team so no card is 'useless'. Below are the new reward cards I've used frequently since the new release and have upgraded them recently with the drop in price on the market.

The first one would be Djinn Chwala. I've been using a level 4 since it first came out but have been holding pack upgrading it as it would mean I need another 12 of them. At one point, the card was at $4 and to me using nearly $50 to upgrade a normal foil to the next level is too expensive for me. Call me cheap but I think I could wait. The only thing I was lacking of the extra attack which I could sacrifice. But the time has finally came and I have enough to upgrade this card to Level 5 meaning I have the extra attack plus my Daria gives an extra attack so it total, my Djinn Chwala starts off with 5 attack. That is a good start in particular for those dragon quests or high mana games and it does come in handy most times. The only downside with this card is it has a high mana so it is virtually not used for those lower mana games which can be quite frustrating.


The next one I have been using in many matches now is Uraleus. I love neutral cards and I've been saying this for so long because neutral cards can be used with any splinters. This is another epic card which I have upgraded it to level 5 meaning it has all the benefit of a max card minus 1 attack. With a low mana of 3, this card is totally worth the price with those useful and powerful abilities. Sneak and poison is one of my favourite abilities as I use them quite a lot when I play my earth and life splinters so when there is an opportunity, I will try to slow Uraeus in. Epic cards are definitely are more pricey but it is definately worth the price in particular a neutral card.


Another favourite from the new reward cards is Gargoya Devil. This one is a silent achiever in my opinion and I have it currently on level 4 looking to level up to level 5 shortly (hopefully this weekend if IRL doesn't get too busy). Again it is a neutral card meaning I can use it with any splinter. At level 1-3, it has two useful abilities which is flying and close range. I lack in high level cards with flying ability so this one a great help when the flying rule set comes in. The close range ability is one of my favourite as it gives that extra edge when that card is up front unlike the usual range cards, it doesn't attack when it is in front position. At level 4, deathblow ability comes into play and this is when it gets powerful. I once lost a match to someone with deathblow with that card last standing and at that point, I just knew I had to get my card to this level to be competitive if I want to stay in diamond. I play all my games manually so as more players come in, the more competitive it will get meaning I need to find ways to stay on top of my game or else I won't be able to stay in Diamond at the minimum.


I love documenting all my thoughts about cards, the point of thinking at the time of writing and when I read them a few years later, I would just smile. I've been reading some of my old post back when we were on the S chain and seeing myself write about getting Daria at 50c each or grabbing some goblin theif for 6c back 7 months ago with my write up here, I would be asking myself why didn't I get more as many of these cards I picked up have done so well but only if we could turn back time ....

If you haven't joined Splinterlands yet, do join us here as things will only get exciting from now on wards. See you on the battlefield.

Source - Splinterlands.com

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Gargoya Devil: Splinterlands Uraeus: Splinterlands Djinn Chwala: Splinterlands

I have each of those cards myself. There are so many cards it is hard to keep up with all of them!

Like you, I have been playing Splinterlands (formerly Steem Monsters) for quite some time. Hindsight indeed is 20/20. Who could have known that the value of these cards would appreciate in value so much and over such a small time span?!

Thank you for sharing your musings on the Splinterlands Card Game. See you on the battlefield!