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Curation reward: 0.00045642 LASSECASH for krakonos/actifit-krakonos-20220619t170853077z
Curation reward: 0.00163928 LASSECASH for krakonos/actifit-krakonos-20220615t181341145z
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Curation reward: 0.00082177 LASSECASH for benie111/consideration-for-risk-and-reward-in-staking
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Author reward: 3e-8 LASSECASH for tipu/re-re-hive-103505-2022427t15047198z-20220427t130049z
Curation reward: 0.00028687 LASSECASH for hive-103505/progressive-mutual-enrichment-services
Curation reward: 0.00145805 LASSECASH for ironshield/project-day-making-paper-flowers
Author reward: 1.2e-7 LASSECASH for tipu/re-re-gestionalive-2022426t14035483z-20220426t120039z
Curation reward: 0.000305 LASSECASH for travelgirl/traveling-the-world-222-canton-beach--central-coast-australia
Curation reward: 0.00014855 LASSECASH for krakonos/zakoncuji-exkurzi
Author reward: 3e-8 LASSECASH for tipu/re-re-token-thx-2022424t21522414z-20220424t190528z
Curation reward: 0.00006783 LASSECASH for token-thx/recompenses-de-delegation-c29c75a4dd9aa
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Curation reward: 0.00033064 LASSECASH for sk1920/actifit-sk1920-20220410t051850297z
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