Hive Engine Token: A Closer Look at Lassecash and a Posting Incentive


This week we are looking at one of the original tokens that were created.

Lassecash was started on the STEEM-Engine

Lassecash Review by Metzli on Spinvest.jpg

Lassecash was one of the first tokens to get started, and was one of the first ones to not have a massive airdrop (and consequently a massive crash).

I remember the founder of the coin, being very boisterous in his support for Hive. I remember commenting on the same post as him and both of us being excited about the possibility of the chain splitting.

Well, I was excited. He was ready to bring out the pitchforks and not taking no BS from the Sun.

All content is welcome

The information blurb on Hive-Engine describes it as: "LASSECASH social media with rewards. Rewarding truth content, social interactions and personal posts."

A quick log in shows posts ranging in topics from "Bitcoin" to "The Sacred Feminine" and has visable tags of: anarchocapitalism, cryptocurrencies, personalpost, design, pictures, life.

Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 12.27.06 AM.png

I bought myself forty tokens for one HIVE, and staked them.

Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 11.52.50 PM.png

Which gave me the opportunity to see that the coin recently had a spike in price ##

Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 11.51.06 PM.png

I found a post that was 8 minutes old and upvoted it. This gave me a voting power of 0.000008. Not very impressive, but what do you expect for 1 HIVE worth of tokens?

I went to the trending section next

Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 1.21.29 AM.png

I noted that @lasseehlers has most of the trending posts. He also happens to be the owner of his coin.

I voted on one of his posts worth 2000+ lassecash and found that my upvote had hyped up to 0.0388 Lassecash, so for people who like to play with curation rewards, this might take some serious looking into.

I delved into the flat world theory

While seeing if the sites worked (they did handsomely) and checking out who had distributed the token, I got to delve into some flat world theories, compliments of @lasseehlers. These were fun to watch while my my 8th grader took her very serious Science Class. She was not impressed.

Looking into this token reminded me that many of the tribes simply wanted to give writers a smaller ecosystem to thrive in.

This particular token is meant to reward social media usage and "truth" telling.

Although I don't see any obvious sinks or uses for the token, besides rewarding social media use, I do see a good amount of writers.

There is also a 2000+ HIVE buy wall on the engine.

Get on the trending page, or use the "Promoted" section and get some tokens


Based on the average (by quick glance) amount of lassecash earned by those in the trending section and the promoted section, and the 75/25 Author/Curator split, I would guess that making it to the trending section would net you about 1500 lassecash, which would be able to be converted into 30 HIVE.

Makes me want to use the site, but then I might be guilty of rewards farming*

That is of course, if I could make it to the trending spot.

Is finding a tribe that pays good rewards and writing for them, and then cashing out the rewards considered reward farming, or is it helping push the tribe along?

Last week I offered 1 CTP Miner to every person who purchased 10 HBT tokens and commented about it on the post. HBT tokens sold out VERY fast, and I did not have the opportunity to give them all away.

This week, I will give 1 CTPM to the first 7 people who check out and post using their interface. Please put your post in the comment section.

I would appreciate you coming back 14 days after your post and telling us all about how the payout panned out. ##

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Welcome to the tribe... delegated 25000 LASSECASH POWER, so your vote is worth more :)


Thank you!

Feel free to share in your network that the next seven people who post through the lassecash network AND share the post here in the comment section will receive 1 CTP Miner and a 25,000 lassecash upvote.