Is the United States One Step Closer to Basic Income?

in #basicincome3 months ago


Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris has been chosen as Biden's VP Running Mate.

Earlier this year, Kamala Harris along with Senator Bernie Sanders, announced their want of giving Americans a $2000 per person, per month stipend retroactive to March 2020, and stemming until 3 months after the Coronavirus Pandemic Ends.

A measure like this would give my family a $12,000 per month income.




Basic Income/destruction. I think we moved away from it thanks to Biden's pick. I think that will help Trump thanks to Biden's lockemup choice. Don't worry though the USA will still be detroyed under Trump just not as fast as Biden.

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are you okey @metzli?
didn't hear from you in a while
also I've noticed that your last post is almost 2 weeks old
hope you're doing fine

yours, Piotr

Thank you for checking in.

I am doing great.

My writing has slowed down because I have a teenie tiny baby, and my home has turned into a school. Schools in California are closed due to covid-19 and now all the kids are distance learning at home.

It is a lovely time, but very busy.

I am still writing a weekly post for @spinvest

hi @metzli

My writing has slowed down because I have a teenie tiny baby, and my home has turned into a school.

I hope you're having time of your life (instead of seeing it as a nightmare) :D


Time of my life! I love having babies, and I love them home with me :)

Hi @metzli

I didn't hear from you in a while. Hope to see you posting more often in our PH community :)

In my country we have experience with such promises. I understand your astonishment.