RE: Connecting people? My entry today to the #monomad daily contest by @monochromes

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Relationships between people tend to change rapidly nowadays. Life separated me from many people, from almost everyone in fact 🤔. Time and crises have indeed provided a great sieve. But for me, this sieve happened even before the crises. Anyway, there are still a few people left in my life that I know I can count on, even after we no longer hear from each other regularly.
On the other hand, I think this issue is really very pressing right now and has a very big and deep meaning for people, but I kind of avoid it and don't want to think about it (it's painful).😌
Pictures are great! And the background is awesome!
Btw, with time and the years, people really find new friends in hobby clubs, and these are friendships that can replace previous ones that have already run out.