The Queen is Dead!

The Queen is dead, and we enter a new era with King Charles III. I expect this will speed things up in regard to the New World Order when crypto replaces fiat. I thought it would last another two years - as the last two world wars lasted approximately four years. I'm counting this current world war as starting with the release of Covid into the populace. There was a tester with swine flu, which didn't really work as the main victims were young. A redesign brought us Covid 19, which targeted the correct demographic. Those that will just never 'get it'. The interweb illiterate. Millions of them were allowed to die through a lack of care. Care that was withdrawn for safety reasons, LOL. You gotta love how they move.

And with that came the waves of restrictions, crippling small businesses and destroying the current economy. Next came Russia's war in Ukraine, Putin playing his part almost perfectly as the crazy, Hitler-type character. Crippling our economy further while also causing energy prices to soar throughout the western world. Not only this but also forcing countries to think of self-sufficiency. Order amidst chaos, as is always the way.

The narrative is chaos. But every story has a director. One who sets the scene. One who knows the ending. So, no matter how chaotic and impossible things may seem, this is all just a part of the narrative, the fun n games before the end. For every narrative has an end and all the best ones are predetermined well in advance of the story being written.

I can't pretend to understand their reasoning, so the four-year thing was merely an assumption. It could be sooner, especially when we regard His Majesty's relationship with Mr Klaus Schwab. If you don't know who he is, you have some reading to do.

But, is the world ready for crypto replacing fiat? Most understand that Bitcoin is money. They may believe that one day it will not have value, but within that statement, they admit that it does. So, they know.

It would be very easy to switch out the dollar for Bitcoin. Right now. Today. Boom, it's done. You're now basing your crypto (money) off Bitcoin and spending satoshis on your debit card... all converted by handy apps that will cater to most popular cryptocurrencies. Dexs and Exs will be used much as we do now, to convert lesser-known currencies into better-known ones that we can spend more easily.

If I sound blase, well, that's because I am. I simply observe from the sidelines, completely aware that I don't have the power to change anything... and if I did, I'd likely be dead already.

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