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Moving through the Multiverse
✌ Creator of the Proof of Trust Network - the 1st blockchain that feeds people; not machines ✌ PoW & (d)PoS critic ✌ Genesis member of Hive, Blurt, Koinos, the imaginetwork, the $WINE or BlockTunes DAO + many more ✌ Founding father of Hive's 1st DAC & DAO @imagenius.dac 🚀 Official PoD, CI+DM partner & sponsor of Blockchain projects like @adiwathrive or @dtube.forum 🎚 Biz 3.0 Dev & Consultant 🗯 DJ/VJ 🎧 Project owner & board member of various Hive 2nd layer dapps, tokens & communities 📈 Active supporter of decentralization, emancipation & freedom
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