The day on the beach


Let's go to the beach, I don't care about anything, that's how my story begins many years ago in my past, when a large group of friends went down to the guaria from Caracas, working ten to twelve hours a day was very exhausting, well, the statutory hours were eight hours, however, the difference was overtime that nobody liked, much less me.

We were a group of fourteen people who worked in the same office of the financial tower, and when we were close to the fortnight or the last we always agreed to go down to the guaria and get to the beach, it was a trip like a 2 hours despite the fact that it was a 20 or 30 minute trip without queues, but on weekends all the people from Caracas went down and well the queues were two hours more or less, but it was the return.

So we didn't go to the bus stop to start our pleasant walk, each of us between laughter and happiness we were singing in our bus and as always eating and drinking, well I more eating than drinking, but we all had enough food because some went with their children and husbands or wives as the case may be, others with their girlfriends and boyfriends, really, they were very, very pleasant moments and we had such a good time, so good that we always repeated that trip to the beach.

We always tried to go on Saturday because the fucking was so great that we arrived home tired, so on a Sunday it was not advisable to go down to the guaira.