Rising star game ( A music play to earn game)


When @belemo keeps tweeting on how much he has been able to accumulate from just playing games, I knew that I had to get involved somehow. It has been an easy journey choosing the right game to participate in but then I came across @imfarhad post regarding his progress on the game, then I knew this will be a game after he encouraged me to join. Thank you @imfarhad, I have never regretted the decision to join

I am not even a week old while playing the raising star game and I must confess that it is been a game that suits me (Timewise and logic-wise). As a man who is involved with so many offline and online activities, it has been quite hard for me to focus on lots of games as many are quite hard to fully grasp while other need very heavy investment in order to earn from it at least.

On my first day of joining the @risingstargame [Rising Star Game], I found a way to their discord channel as the game seems kind of foreign as of that moment [All though I am still learning] as I need clarification on how best to play the game in order to get the maximum output. I inquiry from four people from the group and guess what the best strategy was:


yeah, you heard me right, there is no right or wrong way of playing the game as the strategy given will not work with your own rising star game. The game is quite unique in every sense as what is achievable in-game A will never apply to game B. So I was only further explained the key things to look out for while playing the games.

If you are a beginner or you just want to start the game, then you are in luck as reading this alone gives you a snapshot of what to expect in the game. the paragraphs explain things found in the image screenshot from the game.

rising star.PNG


Starting from Fans, I have 60 fans and this fan determines the amount you could earn from a mission. Also, there are also skills from the image and the skills are important a point. The more skills accumulated the more fans that you can gather.

There is also a part for luck and having this luck makes it easy for you to pick up good stuff while playing the game. For the total, I have no idea what this is at the moment but I will though in the long run

The part where there is a number 65 in a green and red box, that shows the energy the artist has left and if this artist's energy falls to zero, you cant continue playing until the artist is left to fully recharge.

The part where 2 cards are written simply signifies how many cards I have managed to accumulate and this card in turn has an effect on the overall ratings of the artist. the cards accumulated over time have effects on the fans, luck, skill, and probably the Total section.

Another Aspect of the game is the Zone



Under the zone, we have the map, special mission, music promoter, custom shop, and music lesson. starting with last on the list, the show music lessons are where you learn music skills, and these skills ratings are forever attached to the artist.

Also, going back to the map section, this is where shows the section where the artist could perform at the moment, and from the image above, one could see that I can only perform in my home town. As I progress from the missions done, the other locations on the map would be opened.

The Rest of the options available on the maps would be explained in the next article, I leave you with this for now. have a great night everyone

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