XEN turned deflationary


I recommend studying XEN, its a pretty deep rabbit hole, but I believe there is a huge chance that XEN is the next BEST CRYPTOCURRENCY blockchain product.

A lot have happened since launch and it seems like there keep comming new innovations out.

I have been on the fence of which would be the best investment HEX/HEXSTAKES or XEN MAX MINTS? And I think both will be good investments, but I go with XEN MAX MINTS because it is so new and has so much potential for price appriciation, the market cap is only 7 million, which is extremely low for such a HUGE PRODUCT.

Today XEN turned deflationary after the launch of DBXen. FENIX is on the way. And today Jack announced that there will be a moon party auction running 12 months.

Personally I MAX MINT XEN and probably will put half into the MOON PARTY auction.

You heard it here first.


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