Titan X, update



So I did some calculations today, I wanted to answer the question: What does it take to start mining again (plus it could catapult price, since it will feed the buy and burn a lot). And my answer is 15X from here or around that number.

At first I was quite pessemistic, since it can seem unrealistic, but then I remembered of coins that did 100X, that was just a stupid coin.

Titan X is so much more than just a stupid coin, so 15X is in the realm of possibility. If it happens, then I think the price could go crazy after that. Again if it happens, I would already have made a huge fortune from Titan X.

Day 280 is around the corner

There are a bunch of people that believe the price can take a strong nose dive on day 280, because that is the longest mining term, that happened a lot on day one, so a lot of supply becomes liquid on that day. Personally I am considering loading up more if a strong dip is happening.

You heard it here first.

/Lasse Ehlers

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