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Those people downvoted together with you, that all I know. I dont know the details, all I saw was a bunch of small account downvoting together with me all annomymous accounts, so I dont know who they are, and they never showed their face. It could be your suckpoppets, or it could be people equily brainwashed as you, who knows?? Nobody really know, apart from themselfes.

It does not change the fact that it all started when your stalking and harrashment started and the whales of Hive never protected me against this extremely unfair, stupid, violent bullying, this will never happen on LasseCash = LasseCash is an extremely superiour product to Hive!

Now stay away from me.

LasseCash is one of the best cryptocurrency products in the world, you are not welcome here (because you are a brainwashed aggressive Illuminati slave), so please just stay away.

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