RE: Is The Crypto Space Really as Toxic as This Co-founder Say They are?


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Those two must have misunderstood the purpose of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) from the beginning. I can tell you that Stefan Tuel who was working with Vitalic and the ETH team before the launch, called me to tell me about ETH and smart contracts on a skype call in 2013 or 2014, not sure exactly when. So I was informed about it from one of the team members, who even used to talk at huge conferences, thats how early I was, kind-of wild that he had the time to talk with me, as I didnt have a name in the "industry" at the time.

I think I got myself a name after getting the idea for LasseCash, even its still a baby.

The purpose of Bitcoin / blockchain / cryptocurrency, was to create real hard sound money, that the Illuminati cant just print out of thin air. It succeeded, but at the same time, the whole space is toxic with mostly scams.

The word financial I dont like, to me it is connected with banking and therefore it has nothing to do with real true cryptocurrencies like:

  1. HEX (pHEX > eHEX)
  2. PULSE (coming soon, sacrifice phase is on!)
  3. HIVE

I cannot not imagine leaving cryptocurrency market ever, that action is corrupt, going back to a corrupt system, giving up on real cryptocurrencies.