HEX going lower in the bear market?



Is HEX going even lower when Bitcoin hits bottom at $11000 or lower?


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Whilst my power down here, I will be posting dozens and dozens and dozens of articles (good and original content) from outstanding bloggers that @themarkymark, his twink accounts that he brags with, or whale buddy circle, downvoted to oblivion, because in his eyes, they allegedly seemed to be violating HIS rules here. The aggregated list will show the extent of damage he has caused to the ecosystem, by "beating" so many good bloggers off of the chain.

NOTE: I am taking ONLY ONE POST per blogger, to show the damage. In most cases @themarkymark /twink /buddys downvoted dozens and dozens more to cause massive financial damage!

UPDATE: 26.04.2022: Well, that went fast! The Markinator complaining about his own beloved downvote button. Now it is his butt, that is getting whipped. Isn't karma a beauty?

UPDATE: 04.05.2022: If you are looking for the downvote beast, you have to go to BLURT! He seems to be spending more time there! https://blurt.blog/blurt/@outofthematrix/the-hive-downvote-beast-themarkymark-loves-blurt - He is all over the comments section! He really seems to be enjoying his stay there...

UPDATE: 13.05.2022: No seriously! If you are looking for the Markinator, get registered on Blurt! I chatted with him till midnight CET: https://blurt.blog/blurt/@themarkymark/rbr46k - He even asks me, why the hell I'm on Blurt and of course I explained it to him: https://blurt.blog/blurt/@themarkymark/rbshpq - Not sure though, if he understood it..?

Markinator is getting help from a whole squad of downvoters, that come running, when their master calls them. Watch !LIVE!, how they operate here on this post! Bootlickers begging for his morsels. I call them "Marky's Mutts" (List will grow):

@thevil [-] ( most likely main mutt)
@enforcer48 [-] (No one gives a πŸ’© about your "victim" blabla. That record is so old, find yourself a new one retard)
@azabu [-]
@melbourneswest [-]
@marcocasario [-] (Self votes!)
@freebornsociety [-]
@memehub [-]
@underground [-]
@amaillo [-]
@dlmmqb [-]
@techslut [-] (Upvotes herself, doesn't get punished like others)
@kiemis [-]
@steemflagrewards [-]
@marcocasario [-] (Upvotes himself, doesn't get punished like others)
@nathanpieters [-] (I decide when I leave! I am not finished here yet! You on the other hand, have to ask before you let a fart here) He asks on his blog "May I fart please" (Please ask your master 😬 and thank you for promoting this post on your blog!)
@chicoduro [-]
@unipug [-]
@tarazkp [-]
@babytarazkp [-]
@positivum [-]
@solomons.gate [-]
@kiemis [-]
@jlsplatts [-] (Absolutely disappointed about you mate! @splatts I used to vote ur stuff. When did he buy you?)
@hivegestapo [-] (What a sick name. You have heavy disorder mate! It is called "#Markicide" πŸ˜‰)
@lacking [-] (A junior bootlicker tryouter - Receives morsels from the markinator and buildawhale. He seems to think Marky is life and love and God. Most likely retarded or needs intensive psychological treatment.)
@solominer [-] (Upvotes every single one of his own posts, but fears no consequences, because he belongs to the downvote circle.)
@sandymeyer [-] (Downvotes dialysis patient @cryptopie on a post about Blurt - Absolutely scummy)
@steemseph [-] (Gets upvote morcels from the DV circle, i.e. steemflagrewards and memehub, so he has to pay his due)

In Germany, we have a saying: β€œMit zweierlei Maß messen". It means as much as not applying the rules, that you put on others, on yourself. Marky and his Mutts feel really cosy here, their laws are only for those outside of their circle... He and his Mutts can do whatever they want. The circle is "protected" by the downvote button.

LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT: No, I don't give a πŸ’© if he is right or wrong!!!!!! You can discuss that in the comments for the likes of it... I don't care!!!!

FACT IS: He, his twinks and his whale circle mobbed them all out!

Parallel to his downvoting great, original content, he gets 50, 60, 70, 80 bucks for crappy πŸ’© posts with worthless inserted YouTube game videos milking the reward pool.

Here is an example of his useless πŸ’©:
(Note: A memer is complaining in the comments, that he is being downvoted without any explaination and gets downvoted yet again by the Markinator - Irony level: END BOSS πŸ˜‚ Sadly, that is Hive reality ladies and gentlemen...)


If you want to contribute a link, please do so in the comments (if you dare!πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚).

You want no drama, no narcissistic psychopath whales, no downvote button and no toxic crap?
Move to Blurt! (https://blurt.blog/) It's just you, your upvote button, friendly people and good content and vibes!
See you all on Blurt!

@themarkymark: Payout declined... No downvote here for you mate! πŸ–•

Keep going mate and you'll personally flush Hive down the dunny can...


UPDATE: List version date: 09.08.2022 (I will always put the last edit date here)

Ok, so off we go!

It all started with this post. Drutter has become a friend of mine over the years and got nuked by the markster a few weeks ago (me too, after I stood up for him), please read the rant for yourself under the post and form your own opinion:













https://hive.blog/personal/@cryptopie/i-took-the-astra-zeneca-booster-shot (This is sick AF !!!! The guy needs medical attention, is relying on the money... and he got mobbed out! Probrably the most tragic case here on the list...)






https://hive.blog/hive-101863/@erickcote98/the-best-refreshing-memes-to (The Markinator doesn't seem to like memes..?)

https://hive.blog/hive-174683/@puertovallartaoz/the-dream-van-from-mexico (The Markinator doesn't seem to like Mexico..?)

https://hive.blog/introduceyourself/@samaraydulce/mi-presentacion-para-hive-con (How sick is this?! A new blogger on Hive, she introduces herself and gets nuked by the Markinator!)

https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@puertovallartaoz/walk-in-the-beautiful-streets (The Markinator doesn't seem to like Puerto Vallarta..?)

https://hive.blog/hive-13323/@kstop1/splinterlands-sps-status-and-daily-mission-today-and-tournament-information-qh0xgc (The Markinator doesn't seem to like Splinterlands..?)

https://hive.blog/hive-193552/@luminaryhmo/actifit-luminaryhmo-20220424t114400724z (The Markinator doesn't seem to like the Chinese language..?)

https://hive.blog/hive-147104/@ozbitcoin2021/stunning-view-from-my-hotel (The Markinator doesn't seem to like beaches..?)

https://hive.blog/hive-158813/@no-agenda.art/the-spook-dont-say-tax--episode-1445-25672 (The Markinator doesn't seem to like art..?)


https://hive.blog/hive-173575/@andy4475/curious-paddle-boards-on-the-canal-today-caught-my-attention#@andy4475/re-andy4475-razv8o (In this post an account by the name of @adm downvotes the blogger to zero, but in the comments the Markinator seems to put the finger in the wound. I guess, they are all in it together, or it is his twink...? No idea... Fact is: The Markinator is involved.)

https://hive.blog/hive-193552/@abbak7/actifit-abbak7-20220412t051025430z (The Markinator doesn't seem to like quotes via Actifit..?)

https://hive.blog/pob/@yayogerardo/truth-everything-is-a-lie-even-this-post (Over 490 upvotes and one downvote by the Markinator + Reputation 0 list - Absolutely disgusting!!!)


https://hive.blog/art/@woodmurderedhat/dystop (The Markinator at his sickest...)

https://hive.blog/photography/@suep56/snail-on-grass (The Markinator doesn't seem to like snails..? 🐌😳)

https://hive.blog/deutsch/@greece-lover/der-grieche-hatte-einen-schoenen (The Markinator doesn't seem to like it, when other people celebrate their birthday..? πŸ₯³β›”)

https://hive.blog/hive-166847/@cyberdemon531/nopvtaja (cyberdemon531 stepped up today -03.08.2022- in the comments - She self upvoted a few times and is now getting mobbed by the Markinator. Markys Mutts almost all practice self upvoting -see list further up- , but they fear no downvotes in the protected circle!)

https://hive.blog/hive-140662/@zedikaredirect/satanic-abuse-ritual-and-mind-control-a-way-of-life-the-biggest-psy-op-of-our-times-my-rant (The Markinator doesn't like bloggers writing about Satanism and Religion)