While Cryptos Dump, Silver Is Growing


Silver Is the Best Investment for the Endgame

While I encourage people to blog, curate and stake their HIVE and Tokens, (especially while the crypto market is down) I believe the best option while crypto is up is to use it to increase their silver stack.

Silver is not perfect in every way and crypto certainly has it's advantages.

Silver is not optimal for long-distance trades, or overseas payments. It's not as portable as a private key.

However, silver has some major advantages over crypto. Silver will always have intrinsic value. You will always be able to display the AG to a prospective buyer and they will trade for it.

Silver will someday become rare, precious and valuable. The value will also become stable.

Crypto is an Abstract Concept

Crypto is purely conceptual. Yes, it's impressive today to talk in BTC, but it's not always going to be like that.

The idea that one string (private key) is worth more than another string(private key) is abnormal in history, no matter what the blockchain has verified.

In some ways, crypto is no different than fiat - following the idea that one piece of paper is worth more than another piece of paper. This is abnormal in history.

Silver is Tangible

Silver (or any other precious metal) is different than crypto.

10 oz silver will always be worth 10x as much as 1 oz silver. Always. It has been like that for 1000's of years in the past, and for the indefinite future.

No other investment has this many years of case history!


Silver is Abnormal Too, But In a Good Way

What's abnormal about Silver today is the value fluctuation and extreme undervalue due to futures trading and ETF's.


Gold/Silver Ratio

How do we know silver is undervalued? Because of the gold/silver ratio. For centuries, the gold/silver ratio is about 15:1, that means for centuries, it would take 15oz silver to equate in value to 1 oz gold.

Today the ratio is 80:1, meaning it takes 80oz of silver to equate in value to 1 oz gold.


According to historic ratios, if gold is @ $1800 / oz, then silver would be $120 / oz.

By this ratio, purchasing silver today is discounted by 80%!!!

Crypto Converted to AG is Stable

While many like the convenience of USDT or HBD to shelter their wealth during this decline, there is always the chance that the stable coins loose their stability.

It's times like these that I'm thankful all the crypto invested into AG. Not only can I hold it in my hand, it has much more weight than an alpha-numeric private key.


Is HBD Stable?

Normally it is very stable, but when there's a sudden downturn for HIVE, the trading get's wonky for a while and it causes a dip. It's a great buying opportunity, any HBD for less than $1.00 is like discounted cash!

HBD dipped down to $0.89 today, but it recovered back near $1.00


The Bottom of HIVE?

The previous 12 months have been pretty excellent for HIVE, even though a few large pumps got people expecting a higher daily value, looking at the overall year, it's been a good investment.

It really does look like it's just ready to pop back up to $2 or $3 again. It looks ready for a new reality of HIVE @ $10 - $20.

Of course this is only my opinion, i'm not a financial advisor, invest at your own risk.


This is Time to Stack HIVE

While hive is low, this is the time to earn and invest. A time is coming when silver will begin to show it's true value, when the scarcity becomes known. People who purchase AG are not quick to sell, they stack and they are committed.

The only people who sell AG are those who own ETF's (phantom silver) that we don't even know exists or not. People have tried to take physical delivery of their ETF's and the waiting list is MONTHS.

The Bizarre Crash of Silver

What happens when ETF's are discovered there is not enough physical AG to cover all the "paper"?

We will see a strange thing occur in the AG world: official silver "value" will plummet as paper ETF are being dumped like crazy.

But "PREMIUMS" for physical silver will rise to outrageous prices, multiple times the supposed silver price.

Here's a hypothetical:

Someday, the internet is going to say that silver has crashed. It is trading at $3.00 /oz (or less). Oh no, (the staker says) I've lost all my money!

But while visiting a coin shop, the shop keeper offers $100/oz premium (above the "spot" price) to take possession of your physical ounce.

Likewise, it'll cost you $153.00 /oz to walk out with a physical coin or round. Or if you order a physical round online, it's $153.00 /oz based on the premium.

Strange? Yes. Impossible? No. It's what happens when the system is rigged for too long and becomes discovered. The value of the cheat machine plummets, while the value of the stolen asset returns to it's natural value.

What do you think?

Is this scenario possible? Will we see silver priced by the hundreds of dollars? I'm curious your thoughts.


Benjamin Turner: God fearer. Rooted in Messiah. Husband of @lturner. Father of SIX (!!!) wonderful children. The guy behind the camera. Blockchain enthusiast.

Bless the Most High!


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It's the divergence of the real Physical silver market from the contrived derivative Paper silver market based on a fractional reserve system.
You don't hold it, you don't own it.