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hello and welcome to all the readers

Hope you all are having a good day.
Weather today has been cloudy all the day with few spells of rain. But now the sun has just come out to play :-)
Work was good today. No plans to go out.
Will settle down and do some online work and maybe watch a movie after dinner.

Ok, now lets talk about scavenger hunt.

Today at listopia, we had 2 occupants
Cupoftraffic and Bootscootintraffic

I started my hunt at Cupoftraffic TE. Missed luke on the 48 page and had to surf 48 more pages to find luke.
Next, i went to Bootscootintraffic TE, surfed 44 pages and found luke.
Two occupants meant i had to go back to Cupoftraffic TE and surf 48 more pages and find luke.
Then i went back to Bootscootintraffic TE, surfed 44 more pages to find luke.
Finally, to complete the scavenger hunt, i went back again to Cupoftraffic TE, surfed 48 more pages to find luke.

1/5 06-07-21-lukeisAlive-01.JPG
2/5 06-07-21-lukeisAlive-02.JPG
3/5 06-07-21-lukeisAlive-03.JPG
4/5 06-07-21-lukeisAlive-04.JPG
5/5 06-07-21-lukeisAlive-05.JPG

In short, 3 Cups and 2 Boots = 5 lukethelistbuilder

thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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