Selling ENS Domains Cheap to Leave Ethereum

Looking through this community which is perfect for this post I see @penderis claimed in a recent post to have never liked ETH. I used to like ETH but now I am getting out of it and converting it all to HIVE. Ethereum had a good idea but they have some rather big problems. The gas fee surge was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for me. Maybe someday Ethereum will straighten up their act and I'll regret not HODLing. Right now my feeling toward Ethereum is pretty much this community's name.

I have three ENS domains left. After I post this I am dropping the price of hypnotism.eth and hypnotists.eth down dirt cheap on I've been trying to sell them for 0.02 ETH (less than what it cost to register and renew the domains). I also have my personal holovision.eth. Unlike and I will either sell holovision.eth off cheap or just let the renewal lapse. Why? Look at the name of the community this post is in. That's why.

I invested in some Ethereum (ENS) .eth domains when it was being rolled out. I knew blockchain gaming was a big deal and most likely its popularity would grow in the future. I bought what I felt like were some good domains related to it like fullhousepoker.eth and blackjackpoker.eth. I bought domains like tokensellers.eth and tokenswapping.eth that could be used for decentralized services.. I bought a few domains that might be used for renting subdomains like ethereumgamblers.eth and madscientists.eth.

I thought I'd learn Solidity and write a few smart contracts. I practiced on the Ropsten test net. Now I am learning Python and plan to make some Dapps for the Hive platform. Maybe ethereum will get the scalability issue resolved. Maybe I am missing out on the future. Right now what I know is the Hive platform is a better experience.


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