Hypnosis Clip From The Muppet Show

Below is a clip from The Muppet Show of Gonzo the Great's hypnotism act.

If you know about The Muppet Show hearing Gonzo (performed by Dave Goelz) state that the chickens would do anything he wants is at least, shall we say, a little uncomfortable. The Muppet Wiki on fandom.com has an entire article entry on Gonzo's attraction to chickens. It was something of a running joke on the show.

When Gonzo is asking for a volunteer from the audience he mentions immortality. I am not sure how lifing a 5000 lbs. weight is akin to immortality. The "mind over matter" bit I get.

The self-hypnotic induction as Gonzo stares in a handheld mirror is good. Snapping his fingers and bringing himself out of the hypnotic state only to have the humungous weight crush him to the ground is comical. Having the chickens perform animal impressions while hypnotized seemed redundant.


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