Struggle between Bulls and Bears are on The Edge of 60k


With BTC recovering to the $ 60,000 level, the current fight between bulls and bears is level and bulls are dynamic to protect the substantial $ 60,000 aid level.

Traders give the impression that they are confident that BTC will reach an unprecedented level of $ 61,780.

If the bulls were to oversee the bitcoin above a record high above $ 61,780, it would release bullish energy.

Bitcoin's rise will also push some optional forms of money crypto to huge heights, with some going inextricably with Bitcoin's development.

On April 14th, two days after this distribution, "Coinbase" will be directly listed on Nasdaq trading.

Fruitful deployment will drive upward force in the entire cryptocurrency market, attracting more traditional financial backers to enter the digital currency space.

Should COIN-rated Coinbase stocks dwindle on April 14th, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general could face expected headwinds.


Bitcoin (BTC):

Bitcoin surpassed the $ 61,000 handicap level on April 10, a small jump that carried money like an unparalleled rise.

The bulls are clearly not energetic enough to break the force that has recently reached the top.

They tried to retest the $ 61,000 mental handicap again over the weekend, but without any result.

This indicates that the financial backers are still very hesitant about the level of value.

Large costs and weakness in future patterns may cause financial backers to question whether or not they want to buy.

This indicates strong protection from bears.

This shows that the cost of Bitcoin may continue to sideways trade around $ 60K for some time.

It has entered the overbought zone, indicating that a bearish cross might form a more high level later.

A strong bounce from the aid level would increase the probability of a breach of the $ 61,500 level.

Should this happen, Bitcoin could begin its bullish journey, and Bitcoin could reach $ 70,000.

Should Bitcoin fall into a downtrend, $ 55,600 would be the main important aid level.


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One thing that puzzles me . . . how do bears make their money? Why does someone choose to be a bear rather than a bull?

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