I don't know what a normal sleep cycle is anymore. Dang.

I had a weird sort of unproductive day off, but I did make a few posts. I just wanted to relax I guess. But I'm not angry at my production by any means.

I've just been feeling drained, off. The past few weeks really. I can't wait to buy a bunch of food hopefully in a few days or next week or something. Need to see how much my paycheck will be.

I love writing but it sucks that this computer I use sometimes totally is just a slow piece of crap. I'm grateful though, it works well enough. It's not even my computer, so I'm lucky to have it.

The best part of my day off was that my son was over. We did some crafts, played a little basketball, watched some TV, ate some dinner, and crashed. The usual.

Back to work today sadly. But work is work. Emotion should not be involved, it simply must be done. One day hopefully Hive will be a main job of mine, but that day is not today.

I am off tomorrow at least, then I work a fair amount of days in a row.

Ahhh. Life. Lol.

I would love to visit ALL of these Harry Potter amusement parks and shops and attractions all over the world one day. See Titans Phillies and Sixers games. My son with me would be nice.

Hive in folks.