Curation Help: I Need To Sleep

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I'm in need of some "hivemind" solutions here. I am trying to be a manual curating machine and I'm running into problems.

I have a fresh new respect for people like @onealfa.leo who put in so much effort to do this so well. It is NOT easy.

My issue is sleep and days off. I want to maximize my curation efforts and realize that I have a couple of votes wasted when I sleep. I'm also going to be traveling soon and I don't want my votes to go to waste. My @tulwave curation account has .25 leo votes to give at 100% and I like giving those out.

When I brought this up earlier, a lot of people told me to follow other accounts or set up a curation trail but without reference to any tutorials.

Ideally, I'd like to manually vote down to 80% power and then having something voting on my behalf down further. Something easy to turn on and off when I don't need it.

I'm I think I would keep doing most of my curation manually. I'm not picky on who I vote for but I do read all the articles or watch all the videos.

Any suggestions on what, where, why and how are welcomed in the comments.

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HIVE Vote is one method I use to auto-curate authors I trust on this platform. You can set the limits at which auto-voting occurs. I choose a 70% limit on my end. If voting power drops to 70%, auto-voting stops until I'm at full power.

Other times, if I'm studying for finals or writing a project paper, or working nights:

  1. Skim through their post and vote.
  2. Bookmark the post
  3. Come back to the post when I'm free and make statements as I feel are necessary.

There's never any time-limit with making comments. Sure, you could lose out on any rewards for commenting, but I'm more concerned about engagement than maximizing my curation for comments.