SPL Group

Splinterlands focused investment club seeking to provide increasing cash flow to current members as well as attract new members with our intern program to attract new players to the game. The club will also host tournaments as well as I would like to actually purchase a building in Rochester to renovate and rent out but leave the top floor for the SPL Group to use for events such as meet ups in Rochester NY in the SPL Group headquarters which will likely take a few years to secure or until we raise capital. The other option is a SBA loan which we will do as well if we can get funded because Rochester right now is a great time to find a building and I have one in mind for sale for 900,000 with 3 floors and the middle floor can be turned into a digital asset mining and center to run nodes for the group which will provide heat getting the 20% tax credit on the building. The first floor will be set up as a in person digital asset exchange featuring TribalDEX and the club will be the market makers and anyone can ether interact online or come in and trade p2p or from a trading station. The group may look to sponsor traders as well if they are consistently profitable. After we get this going I bet you within a year we are at 500K to 2 million if we did not get another investment.
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