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NFT showroom now since 2 days back have a real VR showroom, I guess I need to get educated on this and get the right VR equipment, any recommendation?

I have heard that they (@juliakponsford , @aggroed , @crimsonclad and probably more team members) have had this idea for about 3 years and it finally happened 2 days ago.

This is good news for NFT showroom, most likely the best NFT platform of today.



I couldn’t agree more. Everything about Hive is underrated. Hive needs more exposure. I felt like I was in a physical art museum when I was on the NFTSHOWROOM platform. It is the best NFT platform

There is a difference between Hive, Hive Engine, NFT showroom and LasseCash. I think POB algo on hive is not really working, because the whales are brainwashed. POB on LasseCash is the best in my view.

NFT showroom is most likely the best NFT platform in the world currently. Smooth that you use the same hive account to log in to all the sites in the Hive eco-system. We have the best tech.

Thank you for making me realize that.

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