Zindapark wrapped in green carpet


My goal at the end of life is to give a school, kids school. The school campus will be surrounded by green, light, air and water will be endless. There will be huge grounds, buildings will have high light.

I went to Zinda Park a long time ago, and another day I went to Reiki to see what my dream school would be like. On entering Zinda Park, there is a huge playground, a carpet of green grass. School in one corner of the field. Teaching from play to tenth grade is done here. Of course, another one-storey building has been erected next to the high school.

Starting from the classroom, the entire Zinda Park is remarkable in one word. The architect who designed all of them has the gratitude of his heart. Of course, the owners' willingness here is also a factor. The whole park is green, there is water to meet the wind. Once the hapai can be rested anywhere on the grass canopy.

One day I will do a campus courtyard like this in my dream school. There will be birds, and babies, and in the morning dew they have noises. I'll enjoy those near or far. Thick frame glasses will be brought to the nose with life; Oh joy

Zindapark at a glance
About 100 bighas of Rupganj area under Narayanganj district built about 100 bighas of visionary natural parks on some bighas. Inside the park there are five reservoirs, five species of forest, fruits, herbs and several million trees. There are several spectacular establishments including schools, mosques, libraries, cottages, offices.

That way
From Kuril World Road, take the BRTC bus to Kanchan Bridge. Rent is Tk. Then come straight to Zinda Park by CNG or Auto or Rickshaw before the bridge rises. The rent is Tk 20-20 per person. However, this vehicle will also be available from the Neela Market area. The rent will be charged Tk. 125-1 if you come by reserve. Then they cut the ticket with 5 rupees and entered the park.

The restaurant can be found inside Zindapark for food. The interior and atmosphere are great.


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