Well we are a week into May but instead of warmth and sunshine it feels like a dreary November day. Chilly and rainy for about two days straight now.


Just sitting on a bench outside work. Same spot I got those free Cheerios HA. I got an extra hour of work in yesterday. 8 hours zero breaks. Today I have a six hour shift and these are nice because not only are these shifts deceivingly short since just a single minute into my shift I will have 5 hours and change left to work, but also we close at 10, so I also only have to deal with actual customers for about 5.5 hours.

I don't hate the job, I'd just rather be writing or be with my son. I suppose this is a dilemma everyone on earth faces though, huh? Lmao.

I wonder how those MMA fighters feel right now. I'm waiting to serve customers and just be a cashier, these fighters are waiting to get there heads bashed in or do the bashing themselves.

What a contrast, what a life.

I wonder what my son is up to. His Grandma has been taking care of him as he's been under the weather a bit. Just a day till I get to see him, his mom confirmed that he's coming over tomorrow. That's great news.

But yeah. Five minutes before I clock in. Making posts distracts me and whatnot. Less anxiety before I head in.

I'm off tomorrow where I want to really get going with my writing, like I always say HA. But I am grinding.

Hive on folks.