Hive - 1 cent this year?

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1 cent for Hive?

When I wake up and see a major dip like 15-35% I get happy. I have sold much of my Hive at higher prices and are openly speculating in a very low price for Hive.

Why I am open about it? Yes it might help myself more if I was not open about it, since maybe my posts will influence the price of Hive against me? Maybe not! I am actually providing a service to my followers and the community by being open about it.

Toxic whales

The biggest reason we need a low Hive price, is to get a better distribution away from all the toxic whales. I have not found one whale who is a flat earther (point me to one if you can), that says a lot and mean that we have brainwashed whales. It will hurt the price for a long time I believe, but I am willing to buy a lot at 1 cent.

Is 1 cent realistic?

Its not very realistic, actually we are around 4 years ahead of an all time low of 7 cents and hitting 1 cent would make a lot of people doubt in Hive, but I would be buying. I guess I will be buying in the 1 - 10 cent range.



The Fed has been inflating the US dollar at a phenomenal rate and Biden just wants to continue his debt financed spending spree. I suspect that inflation in the US dollar keep HIVE above a penny.

Here is a fun question: Which are we more likely to see first: HIVE at a dollar or HIVE at a dime?

Your toxic whale analogy has me thinking the dime is more likely than the dollar.

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"Your toxic whale analogy has me thinking the dime is more likely than the dollar." <<-- hehe yes I am hoping, but I also write the it is "not very realistic". The free market is wild, so anything can happen, all this is speculation.

I think Hive has a problem with POB part of things, I dont see many quality posts getting rewards, mostly "circle jerking" of the same people over and over again. I tried to fix that on LasseCash, but I will let that be up to other people decide if that succeeded or not.

Yes I agree with you, statism and central banking is wrong, no matter who the president is.. its just evil, as an opposite to anarchism.

I did not realize that I was talking to the LASSECASH account.

You convinced me, I will start putting my HIVE pennies into LASSECASH. I just bought and staked 64 coins.

I don't have many HIVE pennies.

I have a huge amount of advertising space. I am currently charging $25.00 for 100,000 targeted ad views. How about this as a deal? I will give 100,000 ad views to for 5000 staked LASSE. I will keep the staked LASSE in perpetuity.

So, if HIVE suffered colony collapse disorder and everything shuts down, well, my alt-coins will vanish with the rest of the dream.

This page shows a sample ad.

I have a several thousand hits a month on pages about HIVE and SteemIt. I tend to write welcome letters to newbies; so much of the targeted traffic is new users on HIVE.

The click thru rate on ads generally runs between 1:100 to 1:500 depending on the ad. As I will be showing the ad to people interested in HIVE, I suspect that it will have a decent click through rate. The link I gave you will show the ad display and click details.

5000 LASSE is currently worth about 14 bucks on the open market. So, this would be a good deal. This fee is essentially the webhosting fees for delivering 100,000 pages.

"So, if HIVE suffered colony collapse disorder and everything shuts down, well, my alt-coins will vanish with the rest of the dream." <<--- I dont believe that will ever happen...

Are you on discord ? Its better we chat about this in private.

Even I would buy a few hundred if it went to 1 cent. Although I don't see what's the point buying something that is generated from thin air

"Although I don't see what's the point buying something that is generated from thin air" <<-- its cryptocurrency, do you see all cryptocurrencies being created out of "thin air"?

You're right... for this reason I don't buy them much 😁😁 I'm only interested in the technology

I think you got it wrong.

Fiat money is created out of "thin air", whereas true cryptocurrencies are created from POW, POS, DPOS or POB. All those algorithms requires some form of work and the best cryptocurrencies has a hardcap also, like LasseCash do have.

I'm not an expert indeed. To my understanding POW, POS, etc. are algorithms for distribution while the generation is from "thin air". As for fiat it is generated with debts as far as I know... And that is thin air in different shape 😃
I remember I read about LasseCash some time ago... Something about centralization. Seems an interesting idea

Ok let me try to explain it.

POW is very heavily work-incentive. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency right? And that came with POW, they are burning a lot of electricity and other resources for building the mining computer centers. If you compare that with DPOS, that initially could basically run on minimum 20 raspberry pi's, if you dont know what a raspberry pi is then here it is:


Then there is a huge difference.

Today it seems like the witnesses are running more heavy services and APIs that demand more computer power (if anybody know the details of this today, then please tell me), but I am no expert on the details of that, I guess Hive could run on 1-3 households electricity and that is still A LOT less then Bitcoin and other POW coins uses of resources.

"To my understanding POW, POS, etc. are algorithms for distribution" <<-- no POW, POS, DPOS and POB is work for the creation of the new coins.

The term "creating money out of "thin air"" came from describing how fiat money works, you must have been misinformed in some shady troll box or something. Central banks are creating money out of thin air, true cryptocurrencies are not, they are "hard money" similar to gold and silver.

Some brainwashed dude (themarkymark) made some stupid posts about LasseCash which was pure misinformation. We are the only ones to reward "Anarchy, Crypto, Truth".. he believe in the planet, whereas we know its flat and reward posts about it. So he is brainwashed with too much fiat money at his disposal, dont listen to him.

HEX has centralized ownership and did 1800x since inception 1,5 years ago, it turns out that centralized ownership works in the real world:

I was myself thinking for years that decentralized ownership was the goal, but after I saw what HEX did, 1800x in 1,5 years, while Hive has been sideways for 5 years, then I believe in Richard Hearts statement that decentralization works very well for censorship resistance (DPOS), but centralized ownership works very well for price appreciation.

Ok, agree... Creation and distribution are more or less the same as coins are distributed at the time of their creation. But there is nothing hard. Gold and silver can survive global catastrophies like wars, pandemics, but Bitcoin... It needs worldwide connection to operate, let alone the huge computational power requirements

You can travel with your LASSECASH to any place with no problem, you can not do that with Gold and Silver, it would be confiscated at the airport or stolen by human-traffickers in the event of catastrophe.

Btw you used the word "global" which suggests that you believe we live on a ball, let me tell you the earth is flat:

Among people that understand this stuff, there are consensus that precious metals and cryptocurrencies are "hard money".

I must say i agree with your prediction..However i think more realistic is probably like 5-10 cents.. not so much because support will hold.

I think when it reaches 5 cents and areas like that. It's going to be less selling pressure because just no point in selling. I do think the toxic whales will cause the price to drop they always do. i'll buy no higher than about 5 cents i'd maybe buy 5-6 cents.. i certainly wouldn't buy double digits

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