Best technology - 1 cent target



Best technology

We have the best technology, yet the price and attention do not follow. Its Hive and Hive Engine I am talking about.

I find this the best technology in the market of cryptocurrency for many reasons:

  1. Free transactions.
  2. DPOS ensure very low resource comsumptions.
  3. Huge capacity.

Yet the market still favors Ethereum and the likes. I dont understand why.

It seems like the VHS versus BETAMAX battle, where the inferior technolgy won. Just this time the technologies are in a completely free market and the differences are huge. I mean Ethereum uses a lot of resources like computer power and electricity, compared to Hive and Hive Engine.

Its an uphill battle, because we are lacking the users and they have most of the users. Maybe time will correct this, I will for sure stay here as long as it is the best technology.

1 cent target

On the other hand, I would like to see Hive at 1 cent, it would give me the opportunity to buy like 100000 of them. So a little contradicting here, but maybe this lag of intelligence in the market, turns out good for some of us?