Tips for building wealth with LasseCash

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Tips for building wealth with LasseCash

Lets keep it simple. If you read this you probably already know how to blog in this eco-system. So the extra tips for building wealth with LasseCash is:

  1. You can upvote my posts before me to earn a huge curation rewards, I usually give people around 24 hours after I post to upvote before me. I have the biggest vote, so doing this will give you the highest curation reward.

  2. You can post to many tribes on condensor site. We allow 20 tags as the only tribe. The tribes I currently post to: lassecash neoxian ctp ash archon leo palnet broadhive pob

  3. Your link is more pretty if you post from condensor site, since we dont add a non sense "hive-174578" like forinstance LEO and others do, look at this much prettier link: and compare it with:

  4. We dont have banners at all on unlike all other tribes I have seen, so no disturbance while building your wealth and fortune with LasseCash

  5. The price of LASSECASH is very volatile, dont think about it, I believe over time LasseCash will win as a tribe and the price will go up a lot in the long run.



Thank you very much for your advice, I will put it into practice

Thank you and you are welcome.

Nice information from you and thanks for sharing this great information for us to also benefit from it

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