Protesting Mandatory Hospital Staff Injections

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Supporting Our Hospital Workers

Remember during the spring of 2020, all the bizarre celebration of the "front line" workers. They were called "heroes" and on the "front line" of the COVID plandemic?

Now is the time that they need our help.

The Henry Ford Health System of hospitals employs about 33,000 people. For the past 6 months, has been a massive push to vaccinate 100% of hospital workers, however only about 60% have accepted the injection. That's 40% of hospital workers have opted out. They know better than most about the risks involved.

The Henry Ford Health System announced they will be requiring all staff members, students, volunteers and contractors to receive the COVID vaccination beginning on September 10th, 2021.

Protests outside FIVE Hospitals

Yes, the time has come where there are PROTESTS outside of our medical establishments! This goes far beyond simply supporting workers pressured to get injected, but an opportunity for "we the people" to express our disgust and outrage over the social pressure for EVERYONE to participate in the social experiment.

Participating in the protest, I can testify to the massive number of people standing in solidarity with hospital staff. Many cars and trucks honked their horn and gave THUMBS UP as they passed by on the street.

"We stand with you!!!" I heard from a passing car, honking their horn repeatedly.


An organic, grass-roots protest was quickly organized to support the bodily decision of hospital workers who are refusing the poke 'n' squirt.


We the People are Next

If health care systems can mandate the poke, we will see many more businesses and organizations requiring the same. Eventually, we'll see local communities requiring the medical procedure, if nothing is done now to stop the spread of medical discrimination.

If we're not willing to stand up for those in the community under pressure to submit to the injection, then who would we expect to stand up for us?







End Medical Tyranny


That sharp gentleman in the middle is Wright Lassiter III, CEO of the Henry Ford Health System. It was his decision to mandate the poke as a term of employment.

“Since we administered our very first COVID-19 vaccination last December, we have consistently advocated for vaccination as the best way to protect ourselves and prevent the spread of this devastating virus,” - Bob Riney, president of health care operations and chief operating officer

The phrase "protect ourselves" is a fascinating use of words, in my opinion. Considering the religious zeal for administering the poke to at least 75% of the population, it doesn't look good that medical professionals are refusing the procedure. Is there pressure (or threats) being placed on the leaders of the medical systems?

"We received broad support from our patients, team members, and the community for our decision to order a COVID-19 vaccine for team members. At the same time, we recognize that uncertainty remains for some, and we respect the rights of those members of the Henry Ford family, as well as those in our broader communities, to voice their concerns. Data and science continue to improve the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, including mitigating new and emerging threats such as the delta variant. As such, we know more than ever that vaccination is the absolute best way to end this epidemic, and we remain confident in our decision. We are very committed to working with any team member who has concerns or questions.”

Medical Tyrants: How confident in your decision are you now that hundreds have come out to protest your mandate? Do you hear the countless cars blaring their horns in front of FIVE of your hospitals? These are your customers. These are the people say that you serve.

The best way to "end this epidemic" is to completely reform our medical system.



Great job. Thank you for standing up to the tyranny. We hope to go to a rally next weekend in Houston. Houston Methodist did the same thing with the mandate.
But I think the best way to end this epidemic is to turn off the main stream media.

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Yes, shut off the voice of the world theater and look around and listen and hear reality. Joining the groupthink is slavery.

This goes far beyond simply supporting workers pressured to get injected, but an opportunity for "we the people" to express our disgust and outrage over the social pressure for EVERYONE to participate in the social experiment.

There is now more than social pressure in Hungary. The COVID-19 vaccines are became mandatory/required for the healthcare workers in Hungary. They either take the vaccine, or they are fired. They have no other choice. Nowadays only the vaccinated healthcare workers can work in Hungary.

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your thoughts.

It's going to happen everywhere, a situation where people have no freedom of choice. But the little secret is this: we always have a choice. We make choices every day, the question is will we succumb to the groupthink, limiting our options based on our beliefs.

Thank you for standing up for those people!!

I also want to say that not only will people down the road get sick and possibly die from this genetic experiment, now if they (hospital systems) continue to push for 100% compliance when that time comes there will be no one or not many around to care for those that will be sick from the jab! My other thought is now that people are seeing this being forced how many of those people are going to want to take their business, so to speak, to them but instead I would hop that they will look for alternatives and hopefully more natural ways to maintain their health!

It's frustrating to me that from the beginning, especially while everyone was scared, all the media seemed to focus on was the vaccine. No HCQ / zinc, no ivermectin, no D supplements, we were repeatedly told there is no known cure or treatment.

The people in power know exactly what the vaccine does, nobody pushes something that is unknown this hard. The experiment is not medical, it's social.

The best way to resist is to refuse.

Well course they couldn't go with anything else because if there was another alternative then you can't get the emergency usage for the jab! SILENCE the science, unless it agrees with "THE" agenda!

The U.S. will remain in a Pandemic merry-go-round with people refusing to vaccinate. But hey, your choice. I just hope your choice allows you to come out on the other side of the Delta variant wave.

Every pandemic is followed by weaker variants. Variants are simply a reminder that the pandemic is over.

The real risk is blood clots, heart attack and stroke. I hope for the sake of those who decided to participate in the experiment, they come out alive and healthy on the other side of this "emergency authorization" mass injection campaign.

Unfortunately not true. Variants are genetically mutated strains incubated in hosts (that'd be us humans.) Variants mean COIVD is here for the long haul. Only vaccines will end the pandemic and shift COVID to be more endemic and localized.

Again, unfortunately, with so many misguided unvaccinated individuals there will be a lot of hosts available for new variants. And the pandemic continues... so, no, variants mean the pandemic will linger and continue.

You are misinformed. Mutations are always weaker. Never in the history of viralogy has a virus mutated into a more dangerous strain. Mutations are defects. It's alarming to me that acknowledging this fact is itself being regarded as "misinformation".

Vaccine advocates are ignorant of the dark and painful history of vaccines. Many have become convinced that only vaccines can end a pandemic. This has never been true, never will be true. It's an urban legend. Our civilization is self-destructing.

Never said anything about becoming more dangerous. However, there have been several instances of antigenic shift where viruses have evolved into more lethal strains. Ebola, the West Nile virus and the Spanish flu from the 1918 pandemic are all examples of viruses that have become more lethal to their hosts after mutating.

Vaccines ending disease are fact - no urban legend there. Vaccines do end pandemics and stop diseases from spreading - smallpox, measles polio, mumps, rubella, diphtheria...

Uninformed anti-vaxxer dogmatic thinking and misinformation are not only dangerous it is what is prolonging this pandemic.

What would change your mind?

Ad hominid name calling attacks "Uninformed anti-vaxxer" will never aid your pursuit for Verite [ vey-ree-tey ] This conversation is over.

Ad hominem example - "Vaccine advocates are ignorant....".

Good luck on the front lines. Sounds like you've got it all figured out then.

Addendum: that Nazi poster in your first photo is absolutely ignorant, offensive and insensitive - regardless of which side of the fence you are on, you must see that.