Illegitimate downvotes

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Illegitimate downvotes

Ok for over two weeks now a group of accounts have downvoted my posts systematically. It all started when "themarkymark" started hating on me and I suspect that it is his bot that those people are voting via. Wierd part is that today he didnt show up in the downvote list, seems like he tries to disguise that he is behind it all.

So now this is an invitation to all these downvoters, to come with their reason for downvoting all those posts systematically, why you do that?? I thought it was custom to give a reason for downvoting, but none of them have given that to what I recall.

"themarkymark" is a ballhead and therefore a fraud, his hole stem tribe is build on pseudo science, since he believe in the satanic ball earth. No one show upvote, cooperate or engage with him until he realize the truth, that the earth is flat and appologies for all the damage he has done, spreading pseudo science via his fraudulent "tribe". So I dont need to hear from him, its the other "blind folllowers" I like to have a word with.

Now I couldnt gather the whole list, but here are some of the account names:


If anybody can gather the accounts missing that would be great.

Lets have the debate in this post, thank you!

What are your reasons for systematically downvoting all my posts??

Other then writing the truth here for 5 years in almost daily posts, I was in the streets promoting Hive (former steem) with flyers I got printed at my own expense in the early years, there is probably none of you guys who have done as much as me for real promotion of this chain.! Reasons?



How do I give this a bigger down vote? Do you legitimately believe the earth is flat?

did you downvote in the past via a bot from marky and if so which bot/site?


Its not a believe, its a fact!

There are proofs in this video:

spreading pseudo science via his fraudulent "tirbe"

Hmm I wonder why downvotes keep coming?

Dude its very simple, earth is flat + Marky believe its a ball = he promote the lie!

Need proof? Watch this:


End of discussion.

Ballhead !

and btw do you use a marky bot to downvote and if so which one?

Nice girl, but this is more like how I picture you look:


you earned 300 LASSECASH today, congrats ballhead!

Lol, apparatchiks gotta apparat.

It’s been longer than that, crybaby bitch.