Will Whales Get Uniswap UNI To Top 10 Cryptocurrency? Will Exchanges Buy UNI To Govern Uniswap?

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In this video, we will cover bizarre reasons why UNI token by Uniswap is likely to reach 'top 10 cryptocurrency'.

As a legit illiterate and within this cryptoulog, we will look at the unpopular reasons why people are likely to buy Uniswap's UNI token all the way up.

Will centralized exchanges buy $UNI (being that it is a governance token) to govern Uniswap, considering this DEX competes with them? (Note that, speaking of volumes, volumes on Uniswap are more realistic)

Will whales buy $UNI to govern Uniswap? Will whales and advocates of 1exchange and Paraswap buy $UNI and pool it, to vote on their proposal to get UNI tokens too? (These aforementioned exchanges make use Uniswap as a proxy. Its users thus, who can be said to have used the Uniswap protocol indirectly, didn't get a share of the $UNI airdrop. As Uniswap has a treasury, enough votes can decide that $UNI from the treasury be airdropped to users of 1exchange and Paraswap.)

Didn't Uniswap just unite the world of cryptocurrency with the $UNI token? Based even on that alone, will people frown at it, if it ranks on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap as a 'top 10 crypto'? Won't people now want $UNI as part-face of cryptocurrency, where $UNI serves to dispel the popular notion that 'crypto' (especially the niche of YFI and DEFI) is a rug-pull, ponzi, rekt-show etc?

Are there new eyes on cryptocurrency, since the $UNI airdrop event? Are there new eyes from crypto onto Uniswap,

since the $UNI airdrop event

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