Cryptoulog - Is Unifi DEFI A Moonshot? Hear The Thoughts Of A Legitimate Illiterate On Unifi.

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Is Unifi A Moonshot? Hear The Thoughts Of A Legitimate Illiterate On Unifi. Yes, within this cryptoulog, i will look at the unifi project for the first time as a legitimate illiterate and together, we will establish if the UNIFI coin itself is moonshot.

Unifi is another defi project based on uniswap and things like liquidity, dex, ilo etc in its bid to solve some of the hassle uniswap has, like 'liquidity issues, high eth or gas fees, bots front-running new uniswap projects to disrupt price, rug pulls etc' but is it a replica like some other projects to ride the 'defi' trend or does it have real moonshot ability now and in the long term, based on its depth in vision and product?

What usecases will the UNIFI crypto have? What other use-cases can it have in the long term?

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