Price is irrelevant…

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Price is just a snapshot

Hive dropped, like almost all crypto currencies, to 0,26 USD today. I saw some people panic and scream all FUD possible. But as an investor in crypto since 2013 I have seen some shit go around. This really is nothing compared to the major crashes that have entered the crypto market in the last 10 years.


Remember, prices don’t stay low forever, and prices are just snapshots. You have to be in it for the long haul, or don’t get in it at all!

That’s the best advice I can give to everybody here!




Great post buddy. It’s during bear markets that we get rich. Usually I tend to get much happier when prices are low. The true winners are the ones who have the knowledge you have shared with us. Price is irrelevant, an illusion. And we should take advantage of it.
Market is 100% Psychological and nothing is permanent.

“Never follow the crowd and be greedy when others are fearful”. We’re the minority here on the internet and that’s why I love hive. We truly know what we’re doing in this network. The smartest are here, no doubt about it.
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I only got into crypto in 2017 ... starting with Steemit

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I wish I was in crypto since 2013, to... That's something.

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Well, not that it made me rich though, sold too soon, got scammed a lot, lost my coins when cryptsy went rogue…

I hope it go lower, I want to buy more :)

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