DeFi mining coins cut in half

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Liquid mining will be around for a long time, but whether there has been so much swap for a long time is still a question.

It is clear that after a collapsed weekend, why are these defi farmers still looking for agricultural land to cultivate?

The market situation is, for now, the second half of this defi has become pure mining, and various exchanges are getting ready to start their own "cat and tiger photo" action - earn new coins by guaranteeing their own platform coins.

In order to defend the users, they could be considered fighting. Perhaps for Leek, as long as there is a new currency and a rate of return, the others will no longer matter.

In fact, no matter what is called a swap or whatever, as long as you put two coins into the market to attract token interest, you can understand it as an exchange.

Traditional exchanges rely on order book transactions to determine prices. Market makers are also needed here. Through the work of a market maker (usually a robot here), a number of buy and sell orders are formed to give leek a better trading experience. Without them Many small exchanges may be in "ghost town" states. You're trading, and no one will take a sell order for a long time. If you drop it, you can lose a few points of loss. Big people have experienced this situation because their family clearly stated that they would not be involved in a market maker.

The market creation may suffer losses, so that the project party or market maker like this one found by the exchange is billed.

I chose the sal and tai of Internet celebrities tron ​​to cultivate happily. This weekend, trx was down 23%, salmon was down 90%, pearls were down 75%, and tai was down 80%. Not only did they not make a profit, but ended up also getting lost.

Therefore, whether it is market creation or mining, token fees and entry times are very important. If the time is not chosen, it is also a decades old farm. Someone else can make a profit, and you may not be able to pay it back.

Here, to reduce risk, one of them is choosing a stable currency trading pair, such as eth / usdt. In relative terms, it will not be exaggerated like the fall of the agricultural currency, and when eth may rise again, of course, the general trading pair, the capital added is also more, the income will be much less.

There are also several hedges to reduce the risk of loss caused by the decline.

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