A Dummy's Guide to growing your Hive account with leo threads



How Leo Threads can give a new lease of life to your content ?

What does anyone want as a content creator ?

Most content creators strive for attention, They want attention of their audiences and in case they do not get it they feel demotivated.

Attention and interaction is the lifeline of any content creator

It does not matter what kind of content you create and which community you are a part of drawing attention of your fan base and new users as well as interacting with them is vital for anyone who is creating content by way of posting.

Lack of attention driving authors away from hive

A lot of good authors have tried their luck on hive by way of posting their articles and posts.
However they do not realized that Hive is a very different pitch and on hive one needs to be patient and build your audience.

Depending upon the frequency of posting and the engagements they are able to create it can take from a few days to several months to start generating interactions with the audiences.

(do not be discouraged by the above lines as I plan to share some tips to decrease this wait time so read on.)

This causes people to give up on hive and leave

People who start with a lot of enthusiasm are driven away because they feel their content is not getting the attention it deserves.

Leo threads is changing all that

Leo threads is the equivalent of twitter except that it is on the blockchain.
What is means is that what you post on leo threads lives there forever.

How can leo threads help content creators ?

I would like to show this using an example
For this we need to visit the leo threads section of leofinance,io

In case you want to try your hand at creating a thread then simply click on the orange button that reads "threads"


Clicking this opens a text box with a 240 character post limit
Feel free to create a message that you wish to share


How can you draw attention to your posts using leo threads ?

A good question indeed.
Simply use a few words to sum up your post. Keep it short like 5-7 words next add the url to you post below the words.

Add the keywords you want to target

These keywords or tags decide the audiences that you want to address. This is a lot like twitter and to see the trending tags simply look to the ride side column

On the right side of the threads page you would find the list o trending topics


This is a descending order list meaning the most used or popular tag is at the top followed by the next most popular tag and so on.
Feel free to use the tags that are relevant to your content and the audience that you seek.
Feel free to create your own tags by prefixing a word by a "#" in your post.

Keep it compact

Use the 240 characters wisely
You need to pack 3 key elements into your post

  • A short Opening conversation starter
  • Link to your post
  • keywords/ tags to catch the attention of your audience.

With all this done click the create thread button at the bottom of your thread message


That is it your thread got created and with practice you would get better and better with the use of threads.

Watch the interaction roll in


A thread like this got me 9 comments and 2 likes

Imagination is the only limit you have

It is very much like twitter except that it is on hive and what it means is that ....

There is tokenization of your content

In the above section we have seen how we can draw crowds to your threads using keywords and by embedding the post link in your thread post you can take your audience to your post.
Whatever the community on hive that you belong to and post on you are free to post your link in a thread.
For example if you post using the https://ecency.com/ front end you can leave the https://ecency.com/ link in the thread
(Love the work that #ecency team is doing )

Can I do this for my splinterland posts too ?

Sure this is a good way to increase exposure to your splinterland posts.
Not only that you can write about other games like crypto-shots, WOO or any other related topic and increase interaction and viewership to your post.

Is leofinance not a community with a specific focus ?

Yes it a specific focus on crypto, blockchain, financial content and everything in between however when it comes to leo threads it keeps it doors and arms open to members of all the communities on the hive blockchain to come and post their content.

Can threads boost my income on hive

Yes as you get mote people to click on your link in your leo threads and visit your posts the chances of getting more up votes and revenue increase substantially.
However even before that if someone likes your leo thread it can translate into your earning a leo token up vote.
How many leo tokens you earn on your thread depends upon the leo power of the person voting your thread.
This is an income in addition to the hive that you may earn on your post and any native community tokens that your post may be generating by way of up votes on your post.

At any time you can check your own threads by visiting
For your profile you would need to put your username

Simply click on the "threads" link to access the threads that you have created.

In the beginning as you grow your interaction with threads you and you find overwhelmed for any reason them you can also check the replies that you get to your threads and leofinance posts by
going to posts under your leofinance interface and from there go to the replies section.


Let us grow the #leo #threads interaction together

In case you are working hard on your posts and feel your posts are not getting much interaction then create a thread to your post and leave the link to the thread below this post of mine as a comment.
Let us see how things go from there. I would monitor the comments to this post and we would take it from there.

Take action

So get along folk start creating threads to your posts and grow your hive accounts.


This is what I have been doing and I see changes in my post. I see new people from #threads coming to my post which makes me happy.
With #leothreads, we can increase our Hive too.

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I came here from your thread and did not expect it to be such a detailed guide.
Nice to see everything explained step by step with images.
Would try to emulate it.

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A very detailed information regarding threads and yes eye catching post thumbnail is playing key role so make sure that you have followed this thing. Great post.

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Leo Threads ! Our very own Twitter!! Thanks for the heads up with this top notch elaborate post about Leo Threads.