Splinterlands battle challenge using Nerissa the giant warrior with the enchanted trident

Hello splinter nerds

Image from splinterlands eye candy

How do you feel about the new reward cards coming out shortly after this season end? this time around splinterlands did something new by making it unrentable, not transferrable, not sellable and not even possible to delegate them which simply means the only way to earn this cards is to play!.... Until when they are out of print and they are no longer bound to the account use to earn them.......

The summoners and monsters set to be released also comes with new abilities and i already notice one which is so cool, the Conscript ability is only available on summoner and this ability allows one to use more than one gladius card in either rank, tournament or any other battles, that will also be updated in next season, so splinterlands will be more fun.....

In my last post about splinterlands, i mentioned about how we now have 3 rules which is super cool but those rules comes with headache sometimes that you end up feeling perplexed about what to use...


So i got this 3 crazy rules:

  • Explosive weaponry: This gives the blast ability to all monsters on the battle ground....

  • Aimless: This gives all the monster scatter shot ability which makes attack unpredictable..

  • Taking sides: No neutral monster can be used..

Some fact about the combo of this three rule set is that monsters with the taunt ability is useless because that ability does not have any effect on monsters with the scattershot ability, monsters spread their attacks and it also makes me wonder if i should use a healer since they might destroy it first


battle link

I use the water splinter without adding a healer and the opponent came with the death splinter but there is an issue because he used mimosa summoner with the void ability which will slow down the hit of my magic monsters but i still have hope based on how fast my monsters were.....

Naga warrior


The naga warrior was my tank and that is due to the ability she possess, her retaliate and enrage ability is so active that i know she will do some great damage especially if the opponent also use a melee monster as their tank, but she was not given the chance to perform because the opponent came with a very strong tank lord of darkness that keeps stunning my naga


Djinn Oshannus (1).png

To be honest, i was expecting magic attackers from the opponent too so when i saw the death splinter plus the summoner he used, i was a bit disappointed because i was not expecting that at all and didn't come up with a line up to counter range, i came with full speed and magic to counter whatever magic he will be using too but then luckily for me, my line up still works fine because i get to attack first and splinterlands is about speed!

Djinn did great with his attack, 3 magic power can do some really bad damages and it even got increased when i killed the opponent phantom soldier who weakened my team magic power with the silence ability...



I chose a protector over the healing monster and the reason is because the protect ability can still save me from attacks as if the opponent comes with melee or range, they will first need to get rid of the armor before they can penetrate my monsters health and thanks to this, it gave me more advantage in this battle.... If i had used a healer, it could have been a loss because of the mimosa summoner the opponent used that afflict all my monsters and i didn't use a monster with the cleanse ability that could help remove the negative stats...



The ruler of the seas is one of the most used monster in the water splinter, it just fit in perfectly and align well with the rules involving magic, it add speed to all monsters on his team and also reduce the opponent magic by -1 incase they came with any....

The speed he supply contributed to the winning of this battle...



So gigantic she is and she is not macho for nothing, she has got that amazing power, she was bestowed with 5 magic power , it has no ability but that strong magic attack is good enough and she is good in rule set like when monsters lose all their ability and many more battle that requires strong magic...

It was super useful in this particular battle as well as she did more damage to the opponent since she has the highest magic power...



Last but not the least, the phantom is a monster full of speed and also comes with some abilities that helps to weaken the opponent range and melee attacks...

It is one of the monster that is the hardest to hit in water splinter because of the speed and dodge ability it possess plus it is a flying monster!.... Three combo in one....

I won the battle and all my monsters performed greatly!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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