Defi my oppinion

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Well it is certainly pumping, but there are many fees involved in yield farming, so in the end its mostly speculation. There are certainly potential profits to be made on speculating on the many DeFi projects, but it is too much speculation for my taste and too risky. So I stick with what I know HIVE/LASSECASH!



@lasseehlers, In my opinion the whole world runs on the basis of Speculations. Stay blessed.

hehe, the fiat money system is controlled by the illuminati, making fiat money fake... true cryptos are real money....

but DeFi is too much speculation for me, there are maybe 20 legit projects... what if you buy the wrong one?? Ups your money is gone.... I believe in HIVE and LASSECASH... it has a track record... I dont think we go anywhere!

Let's hope for the best and stay blessed.

Stay blessed. :)

Thank you so much. 🙂