Huge competition of best minds in the world

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Huge competition of best minds in the world

I want to attract the most bright minds of the world.. its a huge fight and competition. Most people are brainwashed and therefore not worth the time... but at LASSECASH its different, the truth counts and bright minds gets rewarded.

I got an email from Voice today (the new social media on a blockchain created by Daniel Larimer), I am planning to signup, upload a selfie and see what happens there, I still believe in LASSECASH, and I will present myself as the leader of LASSECASH.

Even tho I respect the minds of people like Daniel Larimer and Vitalik, I doubt if they know for-instance that the earth is flat...(I remember having seen the word "global" used in EOS presentation lol) which is a huge problem, when they get so much attention. So therefore I think very much that LASSECASH has a big future role, as we are the only social media to reward truth content like flat earth.



Don't bother interacting with this guy, he loves to use women for upvotes, and when they don't upvote fast enough he blocks them and calls them useless.