Give Illuminati the finger!!

in #antiilluminatilast month (edited)

Yes, I am serious, GIVE THE ILLUMINATI the FINGER!!! Sooner then later!!!

Invest all your money in your favorite cryptocurrencies, mine is LASSECASH and HIVE!! Blog often or everyday on HIVE/LASSECASH... rent and give fiat the finger everyday!



Hive is more valuable already than my country’s money (BRL) it’s LAUGHABLE 😂

BRL like in Brazilian real? I know that the marketcap of BRL is much bigger then HIVE's marketcap.... but yes one day it may be the other way around.

Fiat money will deminish in value faster and faster... we will see Bitcoin go to 100000 USD and then 1 million USD... and so on until USD and other fiat money are close to 0!!!

Most people don't even know this.. but they will wake up to reality at one point!